Non-profit Organization


The non-profit organization is to benefit the public. Unlike business entity, the nonprofit organization does not distribute its income as profit. Additionally, it is exempted from income tax. My interest in the non-profit organization is motivated by the need to serve humanity. Nonprofit organizations create an opportunity for sharing talent, knowledge, and skills in the community (Bryson 35). My organization would focus on disabled and vulnerable groups in the society. The target population includes the blind, elderly, visually impaired physically and mentally challenged. Another group that would be supported includes people with the hearing problem. The primary role of the organization is to empower disable to access quality education and other social services.

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What it takes to start a non-profit organization

Starting a non-profit organization requires a strategic plan. It needs human and financial resources to help the organization achieve its goals. Government requirement is essential for the successful non-profit organization. These include articles of incorporation, bylaws, name, and board of directors. The management should define vision and mission of the organization and set the goals. Starting a nonprofit organization to help the disabled requires a team of experts to volunteers to promote the activities of the organization.

What needs to be done to make it acceptable to the general public

The non-profit organization is formed to address inequality gap in the society. The egalitarian role of the non-profit organization should be based on the aspiration of members of society. Involving the public in the activities of the organization is key for good public relations. The organization should communicate its goals and benefit to the society. It needs to champion equality and justice for the public. The management must show commitment to improving life of people. Nonprofit organization for the disables can win public trust through issuing braille to the blind and visual challenges. Moreover, the organization can be accepted if it plays an active role in promoting education and social services to the disabled.

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How to make it attractive to donors

Donors play major roles in operations of the non-profit organization. Donors can be attracted through progressive activities of the organization. Some donors would support non-profit organization to advance social services. The organization needs to form clear objectives to attract donors. Most donors work with committed organization integrity and credential. The nonprofit organization should account for their budget and provides reports about their spending on specific programs (Bryson, 169). The non-profit organization should provide a comprehensive proposal and leadership for running its programs. It will help the donors to evaluate the use of their donations.

The legal structure that would be most appropriate

The non-profit organization requires a legal structure for making the strategic decision and account for its operation. The legal structure includes board of directors, operation management, and volunteers. The non-profit organization also operates like individual entity (Hopkins 25). It must have articles of incorporation, bylaws and registered name of the organization. The role of management should be defined at all levels to enhance accountability.

Event to help fund the non-profit organization

Mobilization for the fund for the non-profit organization may be challenging. It requires the creation of programs and activities which have a direct benefit to the public. The non-profit organization for empowering the disabled can create an event for promoting education for the disabled. The management can use the opportunity to invite different donors to support programs of the organization. The non-profit organization can partner with the government to raise fund for its activities.

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