Psychology Professionals and Police Professionals 

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Topics: Law Enforcement, Forensic Science, Job, Police, Work Ethic

The purpose of this literature is to examine how psychology professionals bring people of various origins together through training the police professionals. Usually, the forensic psychology professional offer training concerning policing to help the police professionals communicate and interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds within a macro community. Therefore, thoroughly researched literature presents the values of psychology professionals regarding their impacts on the relationships between the police professionals and the entire macro community.

Actually, forensic psychology professional enforces laws on behalf of the government through training and procedures. Considering the fact that America consists of people of different cultural, religious and language differences as the melting pot metaphor explains; diplomatic relations help in uniting the complex community into a solitary national identity (Cappitelli, 2007).  Therefore, forensic psychology professionals advise the police on how to communicate and understand individuals of diverse populations to avoid biasness and discrimination in service provision from the police. Conflicts may arise due to political, social tension, and influx in the number of immigrants. This training is important to the police since it changes the notions on how the police understand the minority interests and law enforcement to solve the problem of cultural and social insensitivity (White & Escobar, 2008).

Oftentimes, the diversity training enlightens and educates the police professionals on how to achieve a peaceful and united nation (Thomas, 2011). Essentially, the police will be able to gain conscious understanding of the diverse community; regarding the relationships between the minority groups and other people with disabilities to make desired decisions on how to treat them equally (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.). Additionally, the police officers acquire professional skills on how to interact with citizens in an intellectual manner. Hence, the resultant value of this training is to solve the problems arising across the macro community by eliminating both cultural and ethnic misunderstandings.  

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