Public Affairs and Public Administration

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Type: Proposal Essay
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Topics: Government, Political Science, Public Policy, Socialism

Public affairs and public administration

  • There paper will focus on the emerging changes that have occurred overtime in the department of homeland security (Shafritz et al, 167). 
  • Furthermore, it will delve into public administration as a political science as well as management within the department of homeland security (Henry, 88). 
  • Moreover, the paper will also detail the forces of separatism that led to public administration to stand on its own (Henry, 88).

Models of organization

  • The study on public affairs and public administration will help create an understanding of the department of homeland security as an organization (Van Dooren et al, 46). 
  • The paper will delve into the department of homeland security and characteristics that different organizations tend to share; these characteristics will be divided in human based characteristics and goal based characteristics (Henry, 90).
  • Primarily, the study will focus on the department of homeland security and the applicable models which are the open and closed model of organization (Felin et al, 917).
  • The term paper will also concern itself with the features of the two models of organizations, their similarities differences and the theories that are used in the running of each model (Van Dooren et al, 168). 
  • Consequently the study will try to look at uncertainty reduction and how the two models can be effectively used to achieve the same (Henry, 92).

Fabrics of the organization

  • The paper will concern itself with the fabrics of an organization. The information on fabrics of organization will help us understand the process of decision making in the department of homeland security and the parties involved (Chesbrough et al, 148). 
  • The study will strive to inform us on the mechanisms of control and the tactics of administration in the department of homeland security (Michel, 1085). 
  • The paper will briefly focus on the impact of public administration to the internal and external environment within the department of homeland security (Henry, 93).

Fibers of the organization

  • The study will pay keen interest in the fibers of the department of homeland security; it will particularly be interested in why people engage themselves in public administration, the different types of bureaucrats and what their unique characteristics are (Drori et al, 347). 
  • The term paper will critically view the different characteristics of the individual and the society and how the same affects individual’s ability to work in public administration (Michel, 1091).
  • Finally, the paper will pay close attention to leadership in the public and nonprofit organizations (Henry, 95).

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