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Authorization to Release Medical Information

The privacy of personal information regarding health information is a major issue in the United States as more individual health information is computerized. Federal rules that govern disclosure are stipulated in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In filling authorization to release medical information, consent must be obtained which should be in plain language (Dunn, Rose, & Wieland, 2013). Information such as the meaningful and accurate description of the information is needed. Name or proper identification of the person authorized to disclose or use the information is also required. Proper identification of the name of the individual whom the covered entity could disclose or use the information is needed. Moreover, the purpose of requested information, date and signature of the person is also necessary. The expiry date regarding the purpose of the disclosure, description of the person who could revoke the authorization, the name of the entity covered or the authorized individual to make the disclosure is also needed. Statement on exceptions to rights to revoke the authorization should be obtained (Dunn, Rose, & Wieland 2013).

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According to Yarmohammadian et al., (2010), the permission to release medical information has helped in the construction of compliance culture within many health facilities. It has also assisted in building reliable security in the organization both electronically and physically. Authorization is essential since the patients have right regarding the control and use of their health information. Moreover, it promotes and facilitates basis value in a person such as individuality, personal autonomy dignity, and respect for the individual. The information may be used in research, by law enforcement officials and for judicial and administrative proceedings. However, that information cannot be used by employers in making staffing decisions.

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