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Discussion 1

The gender and sexist stereotype that is defined in the case is rape. It is reported that a young woman was raped and is thus in need of an individual to talk to before filling the rape card. The other stereotype that is presented in the case is the intoxication of a female with the aim of engaging in sex with her. However, the social worker makes the assumption that the young woman might have taken alcohol voluntarily. She points out that the parties of a similar type are often wild and that people voluntarily engage in self-intoxication thus predisposing themselves to rape and sexual violence. In this case, the social worker should be an active listener, exhibit empathy and tolerance while also adopting high level of emotional intelligence (Karpetis, 2017). This will enable her to understand the problem, its genesis and avoid making unwarranted assumption. 

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Discussion 2

The following two questions are important to understand the development of children and adolescents. What roles should parents play in the development of social and cultural values of their children? Which interventions are appropriate for children transitioning from late childhood into adolescence? The case highlights that child management is a critical problem faced by families hence the need for informed interventions to guarantee effective development of the children. Since different stages of development are characterized with different challenges, it is important to understand the developmental course to be better prepared to deal with the issues that characterize each phase. By reviewing the above questions, it is possible to understand the various developmental issues that affect the children (El Nokali, Bachman & Votruba-Drzal, 2010). As a result, parents can understand the need individualized interventions for each child to ensure their proper development. The questions can also help researchers to understand the reasons for individual variations in behavior among different children. As such, the researchers can help to develop models for individualized parental interventions. 

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