Subject: Sociology
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Topics: Social Issues, Community, Tradition

Representation is a common theme in the writings of Victor Montejo’s poems in Sculpted Stones as well as Menchú’s texts. In the translation of these texts, it is ostensible to note that Montejo’s texts were written with a person in exile, who expressed the plights of an individual living in a foreign land. On the other hand, Menchú’s texts personify different characters to express the feelings of a society in turmoil, and in need of a voice to represent them.  When examining the different translations of these texts, some fundamental questions that arise include the nature of the state and its concern to its people (Von Hagen, 1973). For example, Montejo gives prominence to the Maya culture, while accuses the Gautemalan government for its attempts to harm the Indian society. 

Additionally, the misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar as a sign of Apocalypto’s use of Mayan history and culture is a step made by the government to destroy the Indian society (Rangel, 1996). This demonstrates that the oppressing government seeks awkward means, such as vilification to fuel the negative treatment of the identified group. When such portrayals are encouraged by the government, the Mayan people would see their culture and tradition eroded, which is a negative form of representation. Indeed, the government should ensure fair and equitable representation that limits discrimination and prejudice.

In conclusion, the different literatures examined here give the true picture of the society that is selective and considers some people as pro-state and others being disregarded. It is a sorry state of affairs to experience in any community, since it leaves people broken and devastated.

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