Research report on Disentangling the Relationship between Gender and Work–Family Conflict

Subject: Gender Studies
Type: Exploratory Essay
Pages: 3
Word count: 702
Topics: Gender Roles, Job, Management, Marriage, Time Management

The research is about gender differences in work-family constructs. It was noted that gender had taken a keen interest in different work-family studies. The most common research being the bidirectional work-family conflict; work-interface-with-family (WIF) and family-interface-with-work (FWI) which occurs when participation in the family becomes demanding by the righteousness of involvement in the work (family) role. Many researchers that tackled the same topic cite little or no theory. However, where they cite the theories, they are considerable across studies; and also, the form of the predictions of gender differences in work-family construct also vary. Besides, these perspectives have not been coherent against each other leading to an escalation of contradicting predictions about the union between gender and work-family constrict. The contradiction and the inconsistent evidence points to a different approach on this research addressing the relationship between gender and work-family-construct with a central question; what is the association between gender and (a) WIF and (b) FIW?

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The study was conducted using different unique methods. First, use of literature searches using the Web of science database using different search terms. For example, work-family conflict, work-life conflict, work-nonwork conflict among others. Also, the research reviewed different online programs of the Academy of Management to get relevant sources. The other method used was the inclusion criteria. A study needs to include any pertinent participant to be in the database. Therefore, they screened data, and when the same dataset was used in multiple studies, they only retained the one with the larger sample size. The third method which was used is the coding of studies. They used the primary effect of coding, gender, and WFC. Also, the moderator coding which included; dual-earner couples, parental status, full-time workers, same job types, date of publication, and cultural gender egalitarianism. The other type of coding was mediator coding which included, work and family hours, boundary strengths around work and family, and work and family salience. The last method used was analyzing the data using different techniques such as meta-analyses, outlier analyses, moderator analyses, and mediation analyses.


After examination of gender differences in the work-family construct for samples that consisted of full-time workers, parents, dual-earner couples, and people in the same jobs there were significant differences found. First, the mothers had a more magnificent FIW than fathers. Also, women in dual-earner couples showed FIW. However, men in dual-earner couple showed a greater WIF while women in the same job as men had more WIF. The results bring clarity to the current inconsistent literature as the research has provided an estimate of the gender and work-family construct union. The results suggest that men and women are similar compared to their difference in work-family construct experience. It was concluded that because researchers often find that women and men show domain salience differences besides the traditional lines, the present study shows the first ever meta-analytic test that indicates that it may be a false assumption. It was also noted that gender differences in work salience are too small. Due to the fact, the research tries to elaborate a better understanding of the relationship between gender and work-family construct it also improves our knowledge of other meaningful relationships.

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The experiment was done successfully, and I feel that the experiment was good and it provides clear indications of the relationship between gender and work-family construct. The methods used to find data are satisfactory and prove that the experiment was keenly done following a unique procedure to attain data and improve the previous research that was done eliminating some substantial amount of contradiction between gender and work-family construct. However, the experiment could have been improved if they could have researched on gender differences in work-family construct between couple considering their particular WFC management plans. Since different couples may decide to prioritize once career and the other one to deal with the family intrusions.

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  1. Shockley, K. M., Shen, W., DeNunzio, M. M., Arvan, M. L., & Knudsen, E. A. (2017).Disentangling the Relationship Between Gender and Work–Family Conflict: An Integration of Theoretical Perspectives Using Meta-Analytic Methods. Journal of Applied Psychology. Advance online publication.
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