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The objective of the essay is to focus on the different roles of a Registered Nurse (RN) and that of an Assistant Nurse. It will also explore the differences that exist between the works and job roles of these designations. The change that I want to bring about in my career to attain my ultimate goals has also been discussed in the essay in great details. 

Difference between the role of an RN and Assistant Nurse

An RN refers to the expert nurses, with higher degrees and qualification in the field of caregiving in medical settings. RNs must have completed at least an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) and must also have successfully passed the NCLEX-RN certification exam. The nurses, who have already done their BSN, can target the degree of Master’s Science in Nursing (MSN) (Heinrich, 2017). The average role of an RN is to consult with the other healthcare service providers and management faculty to monitor patients and educate individuals and families on how to maintain a healthy life. They must also stay up-to-date with all the medical terms, medicines and other latest technologies in their field of work to attend patients in a better way (Heinrich, 2017).

 Furthermore, and RN should also keep themselves upgraded with all the medical technologies and new tools to provide best consultations for the patients and families. The RN is also free to go outside the hospital settings in order to continue their good work at all places (Heinrich, 2017). However, the role of assistant nurses is quite simple as they assist the senior nurses and the registered nurses. They cannot work outside the hospital premises and must commence with their task of caregiving only within the hospital premises (Heinrich, 2017). 

Perceiving the Change 

The role of an RN and my current role are completely different from each other, as an RN is the head of the nursing department and are more qualified and skilled as compared to my current position of a nursing assistant. As far as the nursing assistant is considered, my role is to assist the senior nursing staff and follow the training sessions being provided by the RN (Heinrich, 2017). A nursing assistant cannot make critical case decision by themselves and for doing this, they will have to first consult the senior nurses and take their guidance every step. My key job role is only to assist them. However, in near future, I will be trying my level best to change my role by attaining the Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) and then further applying for Master of Science in order to become a nurse educator. In this way, I can change my role in my field of work, which will also take me to a higher level in my future to meet my career goals (Heinrich, 2017). 

Gains from the Transitions 

I know that health science and medicine are the two most important things in the domain of healthcare and caregiving. The qualification of an assistant nurse acts as a limitation for my career scope and hence I wish to attain further qualifications such as Associate Degree in Nursing for the purpose of joining the healthcare centers as an RN and for achieving my targeted goals in the near future. Medical science is an art of science, which is applied to develop more practical applications to help the patients and their families. It is also significant to handle pressure and serious situations but being an assistant nurse at times, stops me from taking instant decisions even in certain critical situations. However, completing the Master of Nursing Science and becoming an RN degree will help me to accomplish my career objective, thereby making me more experienced in taking care of critical patients and making quick decisions as and when required (Chen, 2017). 

The Transition and my Future Career/Goals

I can definitely see myself successful in my near future only if I can complete my further degrees in the nursing field as I have mentioned earlier. These will hence help me to obtain an opportunity of working in other better and big medical institutes as well. Moreover, my work will not only limit me in working within the hospital premises but I can even take up tasks outside of my working premises and look after patients and their families and take care of critical case scenarios. It will hence empower me with a lot of confidence and will further help me to be successful in my future. 


It can be seen that the scope of the assistant nurse is limited unless the designation is changed to RN. Hence, it can be stated that the essay clearly denotes the roles along with the advantages that RNs possess such as the right to make decisions independently, especially in case of critical situations and the opportunity of servi8ng patients even outside the medical settings. This also helps in inferring that a vast gap exists between this designation and my designation of an assistant nurse. The essay helped largely in representing my career goals and the steps that I need to take for reaching my desired goal in the near future.

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