Roles of the Advanced Practice Nurse in the Affordable Care Act

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I agree with you that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a blessing to many people who can now seek preventive medical care at no extra cost. It has also widened the scope of services that patients receives and this has tremendously improved the lifestyle of many compared to the period before the ACA (Halloran, 2014). Through the ACA, Advanced practicing nurse (APN) have an increased responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing and safety of the patients. Thus, it is their responsibility to ensure that they understand the provisions of the Act and their new assignments to the patients. 

The main fundamental role of APN as per the ACA is the management of the primary health care (RWJF, 2015). I agree with the writer that APN have increased responsibility than ever before when it comes to putting or developing preventive measures against some diseases and ensuring safe environment for patients, home and in the health care centers. Through all these, the integral role of APN regarding team base and patient centers models are evidenced. APN are instrumental in ensuring patients safety in Medicaid health homes, and in the Accountable Care Organizations than never before (RWJF, 2015).

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Moreover, it is understandable that the ACA gives APN an opportunity to form new ways of providing care to their patients in a way that conforms to the law. The main aim of the ACA that it wants the APN to factor in is the primary care and the patient’s wellbeing that has also been outlined by the writer.

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