Same Sex Couples Argumentative Essays

Subject: Gender Studies
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Word count: 310
Topics: Same Sex Adoption, Discrimination, Same Sex Marriage

In Canada, same sex couples have persistently experienced persecution and discrimination. They have been targeted by laws that prohibit same-sex marriage, they have been treated as people who are mentally ill and forced to go through therapies that in some occasions involve shock treatment, and they faced discrimination in housing and employment.  They were denied permission to openly participate in the Armed forces and they have been victims of verbal harassment, violence and crimes that are hate motivated. In recent times, same sex couples continue to face discrimination (Hogg and W. 93). This form of discrimination include; the continued acts of being censored by the media regardless of the court orders, continued widespread of gay men and lesbians encounter with hate crimes, sexual orientation determination of continued discrimination of criminal codes and treatment of homosexual advances as provocation (Boyd and Young. 76).

Discrimination severely impacts the general well-being, self-worth, self-esteem and social relations and may result to health and emotional problems which includes; depression, anxiety or increased stress when not managed on time (Boyd and Young. 48). This issue of discrimination may be combated through prohibition of discrimination by the state against all people, combating prejudgment against the same sex couples through conducting public education, dialogues and training, by involving the same sex couples in designing, implementing and monitoring of laws, programs and policies that have an impact on them that comprise of humanitarian and development initiatives (Bala 195).

Canada should device ways to punish people who continue to practice discrimination against the same-sex couples so that the victims will be able to live comfortably and enjoy their rights just like other people. I would push for protecting the same sex marriages by conducting public education to create awareness on importance of allowing every person to have their own rights and also to live a comfortable life without facing discrimination. 

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