SCAMPER Technique

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The SCAMPER technique is a method used in creative thinking for coming up with solutions to existing problems. Design process heavily relies on creative thinking which lead to turning ideas into innovative projects thus breaking the creativity barriers. SCAMPER is an acronym for seven thinking approaches that include Substitute, Combine, Adopt, Modify, Purpose, Eliminate, and Reverse (Serrat, 2017). However, there is a variation named SCAMPER that involves an eighth technique called Rearrange. Therefore, it is within this context that the paper will discuss how Teflon 3, a new cellphone in the mobile phones industry, has the solutions to cellphone problems that every cellphone owner experiences while applying the SCAMPER technique.


Using the first thinking approach, which is Substitute, the manufactures of the new Teflon 3 mobile phone, decided to use different components to assemble its new product. By substituting the usual composites that are used to assemble cellphones, Teflon Incorporation has been able to come up with cellphones that are quite light in weight. Additionally, the manufacturing company used the Combine approach to come up with a more appealing product that offers different services to its customers (Poon, et. al., 2014). As such, the new Teflon 3 mobile has an integrated camera thus giving its owners quality pictures.

Initially, Teflon Incorporation has been manufacturing cellphones that cannot accommodate different numerous applications at once. However, with the new Teflon 3 mobile phone, the company applied the Adopt thinking approach and it was able to incorporate the latest Android 7 that exists in many cellphones into its new products thus solving the issue of not being able install numerous applications. Moreover, Teflon Incorporation has used the Modify approach to ensure that the organization focuses solely on distributing the new Teflon 3 product for the next 8 months. This will assist the organization in getting new insight and deciding which product and processes of the company are more significant (Moreno and Yang, 2014).

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The new Teflon 3 cellphone has an integrated camera that is 21 megapixels with an outstanding aperture. As such, the new cellphone can be used for photography and videography alone while some people can use it for communication purposes. The company applied the Purpose approach to ensure its product can be used for different uses (Bosch, 2013). Furthermore, the organization used the Elimination approach in its new product. The new Teflon 3 has a thin motherboard thus no buttons and it has an inbuilt battery. Teflon Incorporation decided to manufacture their new product in the above manner to ensure that it was lightweight and thinner in size thereby eliminating some features.

Teflon Incorporation has applied the Rearrange thinking approach to ensure that its new product is well distributed. For instance, the company has come to an agreement with different online distributing organizations such as Amazon and the contract involves these online companies advertising and distributing the new Teflon 3 across the globe. Initially, the company depended on old marketing methods of advertising on TV and radio which were quite costly. The above approach is similar to the Reverse thinking approach which the company has applied in some aspects too (D’Alvano and Hidalgo, 2012). Instead of using the bottom-up approach while making decisions, the Teflon organization has decided to use the top-down approach in matters concerning the new Teflon 3 cellphone.


In conclusion, the SCAMPER technique is quite helpful in coming up with solutions to problems that may be affecting an organization or an individual. Therefore, the SCAMPER technique may be used in coming up with ideas to improve the quality of products and services offered by a certain company (Poon, et. al., 2014). As a result, Teflon Incorporation used the SCAMPER technique to come up with the new Teflon 3 cellphone that is more sophisticated than its previous products thereby solving the problems that cellphone users complain about most.

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