Seventh Generation

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Topics: Environmental Issues, Social Issues

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Seventh Generation was established in the year 1988 with the aim of supplying ecological-friendly domestic products that aids the clientele reduce their effect on the globe (Guest, 2014). Their social mission is to encourage a more mindful and sustainable world as a result of being a genuine influence for positive transformation. Their entire mission is personified in as well as accomplished by their international authoritative and their working values.

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Seventh Generation has gone a step further and set a wide range diversity of assertive sustainable goals. We will take a look at four of their major sustainable goals which include: (Seventh Generation)

  • Assisting their workers decrease their standard individual energy exploits twenty percent by the year 2010. Total statistics for the year 2010 are so far not available, despite the fact they reached as fourteen percent decrease at the end of Q1 in 2010.
  • Complete Forest stewardship ruling body documentation of their entire virgin pulp by the year 2015. The wood intended for nearly their entire virgin pulp is at this time FSC licensed however, they have not yet certified their series of care.
  • Guarantee that one hundred percent of their worth chain water utilization is sustainable by the year 2020.
  • Decreasing their general Greenhouse Gas discharge eighty percent by the year 2050 from a 2005 baseline.

Seventh Generation has also made significant steps in improving the Vermont community. They have taken upon themselves to contribute 10% of their pretax working proceeds to causes and institutes that work towards improving our community, humanizing its surroundings, supporting public health, as well as working for accountable corporation change. For instance in 2009, they contributed $343,400 in addition to more than $92,000 value of Seventh Generation Products to commendable causes such as King Street Youth centre, Putney School, Women’s Rape Crisis Center and so on.

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Seventh Generation has embraced the social media culture of our today’s society and used it as a means of communication with their various customers. They had less than 1,800 followers on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as MySpace in early 2009, but at the moment that number has grown to over 157,000 followers. This has been a positive communication strategy with their customers (Seventh Generation).

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