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ShopGo has been developed through the use of MENA features, and it is supported by the use of MENA cable networks. Therefore, the site manages to provide an individual with access to the global markets, wherever they are. Additionally, ShopGo is an e-commerce platform that makes it possible for an individual to engage in online business. MENA is a term that means Middle East and North Africa; hence, the markets that ShopGo focuses on are the ones in Middle East and North Africa.     

One of the problems that ShopGo aims at solving is the lack of skills for online entrepreneurs to develop an online system that caters for the market in Middle East and North Africa (Kaynama, 2015). For instance, the company has the experience and the technical know-how to help entrepreneurs to develop a successful online business. 

Furthermore, for purposes of helping online entrepreneurs to sale their products efficiently and quickly, ShopGo brings a number of stakeholders and players who can ensure the success of the business (ShopGo, n.d). These include payment options, shipping couriers and the technology that is necessary to empower the business under consideration.

Therefore, the experts of ShopGo have skills in enabling efficient development of a logistic system, segmenting the market, developing cash on delivery system that serves the merchants of ShopGo and its customers, and helps its customers to overcome the language barrier associated with investing in a foreign country. 

Finally, ShopGo has a number of competitors, and they include Infinia Services and Solutions, and Gridz Fze. However, the company is better when compared to its competitors because of the competitive pricing it offers, and the quality of its staff.  

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