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Smart enterprise is described as when knowledge employees can process and analyze vast amounts of diverse information and to collaborate and monitor things. It increases efficiencies, streamlines work process and enables central management hence offering many opportunities for businesses and societies to change rapidly. Thus, it enables businesses to gain access to data from their very significant properties. It enables you to know everything there is to know about your organization. Moreover, that allows you to tweak your whole company to your wants and your customers. This survey will focus on five articles about smart enterprises, how they can be applied in future and if these applications are in line with the priorities of UAE.

A survey of smart enterprise

The first article focuses on how new trends help to shape smart enterprise. Three key trends affect the smart enterprise. These include one the concept of big data where companies come in and help to take back control of the data and give new insights on what to do with the data. The next trend is the internet of things where companies can put their everyday products online, and a sense creating value for the product and make it smart. The final pattern is semantic technologies, which helps people locate the information they need through context and concept and not just keywords (Nordell, 2015).  Thus, this article mainly focuses on the emerging trends in the world and how these three trends will make smart enterprise better by influencing it.

The second article on the smart enterprise is how it brings about new outcomes. Most of the companies globally did not start as digital, but over time, they are beginning to transform. Customers engagements are now driven by digital individuals, who have clear demands and has changed how they think thus inform business thinking. Hence, companies that want to make their customers have a good experience and drive business benefits up should focus on increasing digital interactions. Artificial Intelligence is a digital aspect that will drive transformation at the enterprise level. Digital enablers like cloud computing have made it easier for startups to scale up inexpensively. Social media has also given an entirely new face to marketing and new routes to interact with customers digitally (Reisinger, 2016)

The third article focuses on why smart enterprises are thinking Artificial Intelligence. Companies like TGI use AI and machine learning to personalize the messages they send to their customers and interact with them. It is the tip of the iceberg what AI, and machine learning has the possibility of doing. Thus, it focuses on the advancements that AI have been making in the industry. These advances will help smart enterprise be integrated easily into companies, as it is a way of easily managing assets. Overall, smart enterprise and AI are beneficial when used together. (Stackpole, 2017). 

The fourth article is on how companies can become smart enterprises. There are for ways in which companies can adopt a new architecture to keep up with innovation. They are one data management where data is distributed using new network solutions that are dynamic. Next is business continuity and redundancy where companies can use an all in one router with multiple modems for multiple careers. Then, remote deployment and maintenance where data management of data in various places can be managed in one location. Finally, is security ways in which company data is protected from any form data breach and threat (Allpress, 2016). Hence, companies are now starting to go with the smart enterprise way and hence they all have to adopt the methods mentioned in the article to achieve this.

The final article focuses on why smart homes and smart enterprises are more connected.  Several threats face equipment connected to the Internet of Everything making it possible for companies to be attacked and hacked. It can be done by installing malware on everyday household items are they are not built to be installed with security features against data breaches. Thus, consumers should be wary of this threat. Agencies are working hard to come up with security protocols to protect these devices because most consumers are unaware of the danger. It is critical for the security measures to be implemented now, as by 2020 this IoT equipment will be widespread globally (Amitai, 2017).

Applications of smart enterprise

Smart enterprise is an emerging trend as most companies are digitizing their activities. Hence, they are looking for ways to make it easier for the transition. Therefore most companies are adapting to this change through smart enterprise where they now carry out most of their business digitally hence improving the business and the customer experience. It also makes works easier. In future, it can be used to connect customers to business in an instant without having to be physically there. Companies, to reduce redundancy in which they employ and make work easier, can apply it. It also helps businesses adapt to the ever-changing technologies in the market and the changing dynamics (Stackpole, 2017).

Application of smart enterprise in the UAE

Smart enterprise as a technology can be applied and benefit the UAE in several ways.  The UAE has various priorities as a nation these include; one that it will have a competitive knowledge economy, the smart enterprise can benefit this by helping the countries companies, and the Government keep up with the different emerging trends in the world hence keep the economy growing. The next priority has an excellent healthcare system. It can benefit from smart enterprise in that when hospitals adopt this type of system; they can tweak it to their needs hence making them efficient. It changes the healthcare system for the better and helps the patients gain access to faster and better healthcare. Another priority has a sustainable environment and infrastructure. As the UAE aims to have the best infrastructure in the world, they can do this by implementing smart enterprise, which will help to supervise and build it up by monitoring its progress easily through the networks and systems.


In conclusion, the smart enterprise is quite beneficial o those companies and countries adopting it even though it has many challenges to overcome first but with time it will become a norm globally. I learned that many companies are adopting smart enterprise into their business models because it is the best way to manage your company efficiently. Hence, the smart enterprise is a trend that is not going away, and we should all learn a thing or two about it if we are to survive in the competitive industries and keep up with the various innovations in this area. The difficulty with this subject is that little information exists on the issue since it is an emerging trend. Hence, it is hard to get the right data about it. Smart enterprise is essential in the UAE in that they are now investing so much in the ICT sector as they hope to turn the country into a knowledge-based economy. It is vital as it can be used by UAE to transform to a knowledge economy using smart enterprise as a tool to oversee all the new ICT operations as the country transforms Dubai into a smart city also helping cutting costs in innovations.

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