Smartphone Users’ Case Analysis

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Displaying and Examining Data

The most preferred charting method to display the data indicated in the Smartphone case is column graph. According to Maindonald & Braun (2006), column graphs just like histograms are suitable to depict distribution from varied sets of data. Unlike maps or pie-charts, column graphs reflect performance overtime. As for the case of Smartphone, it is best fit in determining the values that were exhibited in the previous year and the present year. For that reason, it is perceived absolute in presenting group variable’s values into intervals. Maindonald & Braun (2006) posit that column graphs present data values in equal amount of area. Therefore, it could seemingly record the same duration of the year both in the previous year and the present year assuming that Smartphone users preferred free, ad-supported apps over ones that need to be purchased used similar duration of the year.

Column graphs are also of significance at displaying intervals in a distribution even without observing the values. Therefore, it would help in conceptualizing large sets of data for the customer recorded in the two years. With values ranging from 15 percent to 76 percent, column graph will be of significance in the organization of data in a friendlier format without losing the measurement scale. According to Willis (2005), column graphs would communicate values by synchronizing large data sets or comparing measurements to specific limits. As such, it would facilitate the production of positive results thereby helping to investigating problems and making decisions concerning what is needed for the Smartphone users. In conclusion, column graph would be of substantial benefit thereby making it the best alternative to represent data for the smart phone users.

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