Social Influence Field Assignment


My objective in the project would be to convince my two classmates on the importance of blood donation and make them participate in blood donation in the nearby health institutions. I feel this change of behavior is vital as it aids in boosting the blood bank for people who need our help in the hospitals. At least they will be in a position of saving life in the hospital. 

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My behavior represented both normative as well as information change of behavior in different people. This is because I applied different techniques in approaching my friends to achieve the same objective. One can apply various psychological techniques in changing the behavior of a person was a major lesson that I felt like I have achieve (Krupka& Weber, 2009). To my first classmate, John, I asked him a question whether he thinks blood donation was something that makes sense to him. Evidently, from his reply I depicted that blood donation is something that he hated the most as he does not want to see his blood taken away from him. Then I had the task of changing his mind by asking him whether he thinks life is something of importance (Krupka & Weber, 2009). His reply was clear that life is a vital thing and he will do anything to make life favorable. I made him understand that the same way his life was precious to him is the same manner that other people would like to have life but they do not get that chance. Hence, by him participating in blood donation he will have the chance of giving someone a life. To my second classmate Stephen, he did not even know what blood donation entails and after explaining to him the significance of this program, he was more than willing to participate. 

The location was a great influence to achievement of my objective because the school set up gave me time to talk to them freely (Wentzel, Barry, & Caldwell, 2014). We were sitted in one of the park-like reading areas and although there were people, each seemed to mind their own business.

My plan was successful. This is because my two classmates saw the need of engaging in a life transforming activity by accepting to donate their blood and be counted among the people who gave someone else another chance of living.
In my project, I felt that informative approach is less demanding compared to normative approach as it entails enticing a person who never has information about something and making him or her change their thought on that behavior.  

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