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Happy is an easy word to say, most people want to achieve this goal in different forms. But how humans define happiness or happy and human beings explain what it is. Can happiness be considered to be wealth and success? Is spending time with family and friends happiness. Can one buy happiness? Many questions come when people think about being happy. Consequently, these issues give us a reason research and write about sources of joy.

Based on the proposals by Dalai, the happiness of any individual is derived from their mind (Lama, Dalai, and Howard Cutler 21). People are encouraged to be compassionate, gentle and kind in order to attain full happiness. Many people disregard happiness to pursue the earthly standards of happiness, including wealth and stability. However, Dalai encourages the reader to seek happiness at all times even in times of tough decisions and tough economic states. With that in mind, there are different sources of happiness and all are essential for every living being. They all seem great, but they should be treated with a certain balance in time management. Each source provides an absolute happiness hence people cannot consider one source better than the other.

In The Alchemy of Suffering, Ricard explores different aspects of human and animals’ lives that render life an endless cycle of suffering. The author explores the presence of disease and suffering among humans and animals due to the different problems the environment beings upon human beings and animals. The author encourages human beings to embrace suffering as part of their daily lives and avoid feeling overwhelemed by the presence of suffering in human lives. Despite the feelings of powerlessness and pain, Ricard notes that disregarding the presence of pain and suffering is cowardice and indifference. Ricard notes that humans should always be associated with suffering and embrace the different incidents that result to suffering to attain happiness and satisfaction in their lives (Oxenhandler, Noelle 34). Being part of a family is a source of happiness. Everyone needs and wants to be part of a family. Parenting love is necessary or becoming a parent which can be adoptive or biological. Sometimes it happens differently from what one wished for, or family does not fit into the societal norms. Nonetheless, family love is a great source of happiness hence it is important to look for ways to make beneficial to us. The family is where time has no limits; sister will forever be a sister and father will forever be a father while friends are easily found and lost. Humans cannot live alone since they all need love. It is possible to live alone but as human beings, however, all long to find that special someone. Whether same sex or opposite sex, it is important to have some who loves and allows one to make them feel that their life has meaning.

Excellence in day to day lives is a source of happiness. The sense of accomplishment after performing a particular task that requires skills and knowledge to come up with a solution or solutions to a problem can make someone happy. These problems can be simple tasks tackled in daily activities such as reading a book, writing essays and going to the gym. The tasks are mentally challenging, but afterward, one feels happy.

In the essay, Ah, But the Breezes . . ., the author encourages human beings to enhance their spiritual quest to enable them to attain happiness in the contemporary world. The essay notes that spiritual reflection enables human beings to create their ideal world. In addition, the author acknowledges that spiritual quest enables human beings to be satisfied in their present economic, social and political state and develop mechanisms that can be employed in finding viable solutions to the emerging problems in the contemporary world. The essay notes that human beings should embrace the equality and fairness of nature and believe in the capacity and ability of nature to offer satisfaction to every living thing in the contemporary environment (Oxenhandler, Noelle 314). Oxenhandler encourages human beings to ensure and embrace all the emotions, sensations and thoughts that they would disregard. Human beings should not consider the obstacles as rocks in the path but as stepping stones to elevate their status. Oxenhandler parallels spiritual awareness to dew that falls equally on all things in the surrounding environment resulting in a sparkle. The only way for human beings to attain happiness is to embrace the fairness of nature and believe in their destiny and purpose to shine despite the challenges. For instance, religion is an excellent source of happiness. Although there are different types of religions, man has to have inner peace and well-being concerning their faith. Atheists too have to find and accept this inner peace. Some people endlessly search in this pursuit, but others decide to change religions and surprisingly become comfortable and feel at home. Being at peace with a particular religion means dedicating time and believe in the convictions and faith of that religion.

Relationships can make us happy and give human beings purpose in their daily lives. Research shows that married couples tend to be healthier and happy compared to unmarried couples. Relationships are important and when they end people are upset. When people are in a relationship, they have someone to help them tackle their problems, help relieve their stress and motivate them. Having such a person makes one happy (“6 Sources Of Happiness :”).

Recreation is essential for human health but also an excellent source of happiness. Entertainment helps people take a break from work. Avocations and relaxation are essential features of a happy life. Individuals who devote most of their time in the office do not make a chance to spend with friends and family, and they need to understand the benefits of recreation with sports, hobbies or different avocations. Friendship is an excellent source of happiness. Humans having their friends accept them presents one of the most gratifying feelings (“6 Sources Of Happiness :”). A person is euphoric knowing that there individuals who are always there for them. Friends are people from the outside who accept one while disregarding possible faults and mistakes.

Humans can be their source of happiness, and it means taking the time to do what one loves, what one enjoys doing whether it is jumping around, sleeping the whole day and breaking one’s sleeping record. In the case of oneself, there is keeping fit and healthy grooming to a cool, nerdy or whatever style one likes. Undertaking in social activities is also a way of being happy (“6 Sources Of Happiness :”). Euphoric people spend time doing awesome and pleasant stuff, activities which are meaningful and challenging. Many important events such as graduating or proposing fall into this category. Some small things that humans do also make us happy and enrich life. There are easy and possible ways to make such deeds more full filling by adding more sources. If one finds themselves doing a tedious task, try making it meaningful and challenging.

With some of the sources listed above, human beings mostly find themselves stuck on one source thinking they do not need the other source which is a wrong notion. Each source has it is unique kind of happiness, but it is integral to embrace all sources of happiness. Each source requires proper time and balance to attain true happiness. However, the discussion reveals that individual happiness should not be dependent on anyone else. People should strive to reflect on themselves and their individual goals and wants. Moreover, human beings should also strive to enhance their spiritual connection with themselves and the world. Moreover, humanity should strive to make the world a better place at all times, Human beings thrive in each other’s success not each other’s misery.

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