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The following is a conversation between one of the leaders of salvation ministry and me. The interrogation process was about my quest to know more about discipleship and some of the Christianity concerns on discipleship. The key points of the conversation are summarized as follows. 

What is this church’s definition of a disciple of Christ?

According to Ministry of Salvation church, a disciple of Christ is one who is a servant, a worshipper, and a witness. In broad perspective, it is viewed as someone who adheres to the teachings of Christ. He can also be referred to a follower or a learner of the doctrines of the Christ, and he attempts to live like the Christ. This is because Christ was someone who was awakened by the grace of God and he conforms to the ways and word of God- the Almighty Creator of the universe and everything that lives or is found in it (Burge, 1996). According to 2 Corinthians 1:21 and Acts 26: 28, we can also refer disciple as a little Christ. 

How does this church define discipleship?

Discipleship is the act of accepting and assisting in spreading the doctrines of Christianity. For example, the twelve disciples helped Jesus Christ in spreading the gospel and thus practiced discipleship (Coppedge, 1989). The case hence gives the Biblical example of discipleship. 

What is the ultimate goal of this church with each person who attends?

The ultimate goal of each member of this church is to obey the doctrines of Christianity, and upon death, he lives in eternity (Smith, 2009). Following the doctrine implies that all followers should not only proclaim salvation but instead, he or she should portray the ideas and activities to the public. The actions should, therefore, be helping people like the needy, orphans, widowers and anyone in need. In so doing the activities and then refraining from sinning, we shall have achieved the ultimate goal of salvation and eternal life.

What is the process that this church uses to help a person grow towards that goal?

To aid the processes of realizing the goals, followers occasionally have fasting events, attend church services. Also, there are often Bible studies programmes in which the followers meet regularly to stay focus on the ultimate goal.

How do each of this church’s ministries aid in this process (worship, pulpit, Sunday school, small groups, etc.)?

First, followers attend church services on the Sabbath day to conduct devotions. On this day the leaders encourage members to confess their sins as a process of purification of the soul. Secondly, members pay the way for the Sunday school program to keep strengthening their faith. Third, the church is organized into small groups which avail offerings to the poor and the needy as a way of charity to the Lord. Lastly, the leaders arrange a meeting where the followers can discuss and analyze the bible to boost their spiritual nourishment.

How is this church doing at making disciples?

This church does a variety of activities to convert more disciples. Members of the church conduct walk in the neighboring so that they can convert followers to full-time Christianity (Wilkins, 2010). In the process, the members shall have recruited other people to discipleship. Also, the followers invite people to our church and by conducting gospel seminars where leaders preach the gospel of salvation to them.

In the past 5 years, have there been modifications to this church’s approach to discipleship? If so, why?

There has been no severe modification as such though there are slight changes. To enhance hierarchical discipleship, the church usually conducts yearly elections, for the Sunday schools and choir members to strengthen the management. This has been the routine since the brothers and sisters have a different style of management hence it helps in discipleship. Lastly, in the ministry, there are several leadership ordinations and appointments.

To grow spiritually, one should have salvation, what is spiritual salvation?

Spiritual salvation is the situation in which the soul has been saved from the sins and the reputations of the sin. In other words, we can also refer to spiritual salvation as deliverance or redemption from the consequences of sin. The sins attack the soul and thus God rebukes the soul through the scriptures and thus saving it by following the doctrine is the broad perception of spiritual salvation.

To grow into a mature disciple, one must have 2-3 have salvation, thus what is salvation experience?

When I refer to the BIBLE, John 4: 39, a woman encountered Jesus then later attest to people the way meeting Jesus Christ had changed her life. In short, everyone has a testimony with the Christ. The testimonies are compelling stories that human being scan share which can intern change the lifestyle of others. To be precise, salivation experience is the sharing of the gospel with others through a testimonial story that moved someone from the way of death to that of life. The salvation experience can be shared in church or any meetings for three to 4 minute and inspire people to change their way of life.

To strengthen this church’s goal, process, and unity of effort in making disciples all followers must understand the need for salvation. Why is salvation important to Christians?

Conventionally, the Armenians and Calvinists unanimously agreed that human beings are born sinful and thus the need for human salvation. What another belief is that Jesus Christ must save all Christians. Finally, Christians believe God does that judgment in heaven. Thus it is meant to segregate the sinners from the righteous. The judgment is to enable the sinners to repent with the ultimate goal of salvation. After that Christians that are saved can all enjoy the eternal life. The final reason behind salvation is to proclaim the goodies that come alongside salvation.

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To sum up, the interview with the pastor from Ministry of Salvation church was crucial in analyzing the spiritual procedure. The discussion from the church leaders shows that discipleship takes time and it is also an important process to all Christians. The above discussion shows that dedication and salvation is the key and milestone to faithful discipleship. This is because the process is full of sacrifice and self-denial. 

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