Terrorism and Environmental Issues Commonalities

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Terrorism and environmental issues share various commonalities and traits. First, both terrorism and environmental issues/climate change are a result of human influence. Dr. David Bromwich stated that human influence is the primary cause of global warming in the contemporary world (TEDx, 2013). On the other hand, Professor Martha Crenshaw  argues that people use terrorism as a weapon (CISAC, 2015). Second, both terrorism and climate change are controversial topics. Scholars and researchers have extensively studied the phenomena of terrorism and climate change over the years, but have failed to come to a common conclusion. Thus, some scholars acknowledge the existence of climate change while others view it as a hoax. Similarly, proponents of terrorism see it as an effective method while others view it as ineffective. Thus, both concepts have skeptics and proponents. Further, terrorism and environmental issues have negative consequences. Terrorism leads to the destruction of property and death/ injury of people while climate change has a negative effect on the environment. Terrorists use tactics such as bombing people to drive their message. This is detrimental to the well-being of the society and people in general. Also, the emission of greenhouse gases due to human activity block or trap atmosphere heat leading to global warming and climate change.

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Both attract national and international attention. Terrorism and environmental issues have slowly gained international recognition and attention. Terrorism was never or not recognized nationally or internationally in the early 1990s. It rose to prominence during the cold war. Security strategies and wars in the modern world are based on the pretext of fighting terrorism.  Climate change also has become a major issue and concern of world governments and bodies like the United Nations. The similarities between climate change and terrorism have prevented nations form coming to an international solution. Whereas skeptics argue that environmental issues are not real, others believe that terrorism is an effective war strategy.

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