The Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism

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One of the advantages of federalism entails power diffusion. Under power diffusion, power is shared between the state and federal government and the federal government is also separated into three branches namely the judiciary, the executive, and the legislative. This ensures that power is not concentrated on the hands of a given group or individual (Breton, 2). Federalism ensures citizen participation through state governments hence another benefit. Because federalism encourages states to be independent in terms of how they address issues that affect them, it also and efficient form of governance hence another benefit (Miller and Keiser, 497). In addition, federalism also forges innovation in laws and policies because the states draft laws from their own perspectives (Breton, 8). When it comes to the disadvantages, federalism can breed inequalities between states since some states will put priorities on different areas. Another potential disadvantage of federalism is that it can lead to the blockage of national policies at the state levels because the laws will be in conflict (Silver, 554).  In other words, there are states and federal laws under the federalism system, sometimes there are conflicts between the national and state laws and this can prevent the implementation of national policies in the states.

In my opinion, the federalism system is serving the United States well. The rationale for this standpoint relates to the observation that federalism is giving states autonomy regarding their priorities and this advances the interests of the citizens when it comes development projects. As such, the system is encouraging developments in the US.

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