The Differences between Conservatism, Liberalism and Libertarianism and Socialism

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Topics: Individualism, Socialism

Conservatism- Conservatism applies to the desire to conserve or preserve the traditional way of life. In this regard, conservatism attempts to focus or stress on issues such as protection of unborn children, a strong military and limited immigration to mention but a few(Carey, 56). The objective of conservatism is to have the traditional ways of life be dominant as the guidance to how people live.

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Liberalism – Liberalism refers to a political philosophy that attempts to attain equality. In this regard, liberalism seeks to secure equality for everyone (Hill, 36). About the social values held, liberalism is the contrast of conservatism. In this regard, liberals favor such issues as women’s and minorities rights, abortion, and gay marriage.

Libertarianism – Also known as classical liberalism, libertarianism entails a political philosophy that emphasizes on freedom. From a simplistic standpoint, libertarianism is socially liberal and fiscally conservative (Hill, 40). Subsequently, libertarianism supports issues such as freedom of religion and reduction of military spending. Libertarianism principle shares many common elements with liberalism. This means that libertarianism is similar to liberalism in many respects.

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Socialism –Socialism refers to an economic and political theory of social organization that advocates for collective ownership (Gilabert, 52). In consequence, socialism suggests that diverse means of production and distribution should be owned by the community or society as a whole.  Socialism support issues such as universal healthcare coverage and the payments of taxes to develop communities (Gilabert, 53). With socialism, what is stressed is collectiveness in terms of the diverse activities being undertaken in the society.

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