The DMAIC and Process Improvement

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Process Improvement

The process improvement to be done in this study concerns customer service section of the business. A customer being the most vital asset of a business and a determinant on the future successes and limitations much has to be done to ensure that this section of the business meets all the requirements of loyalty creation and customer satisfaction (Bansal.2015).

The study process of customer service improvement will involve defining the goals of my process. The objectives of the study involve identifying the areas that are not performing in the customer service process of a business. Coming up with data that describes the performance of businesses and how their customer service has been a part. Another objective would be to find out how customers are treated within the business. The customers would be subjected to simple and brief interviews to record their views on how the company treats them on a daily basis considering their attendance to the premise. 

Brainstorming will be done between the employees of the company to establish the exact areas that have weakened the customer service process. This will be with the help of the Fishbone diagram (Kumaravadivel & Natarajan.2013). This is a quality analysis tool for process improvement wish is concerned with the identification of the causes of a problem and sorts the ideas brought up into categories that are easy to understand.

On defining the project goals, a quick measurement of the process is taken to establish the current level of the performance recorded before any improvement are made. Since customer service involves interaction with the customers and establishing a relationship, a control chart is used (Siow.2014). A control chart is a quality tool for process improvement that helps in tracking changes that occur over time. The chart will be expected to be unstable to imply that the process needs improvement.

The root causes of the defects detected in the Fishbone diagram will be looked into. The areas that were identified while defining the objectives will be analysed to capture the exact areas affected and the exact causes of defects. These defects will be categorized according to the areas identified to ease establishment of solutions.

Eliminating the defects will involve a stage in the study where new ideas are taken into practice and the old ones are discarded in the process. The new ideas would be expected to create a good customer service environment to sustain customers through maximizing their satisfaction.

Controlling the future performance of the process would be a precautionary step to ensure that customers are taken care of, for as long as the business stay in existence. The study would take into consideration those steps that involve daily checks into the process to ensure normalcy and no defects developing.

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