The Effect of co2 emission


Implication for environmental health

An increase in global environmental pollution has reached worrying levels recently. Some of the main causes of environmental pollution are urbanization and industrialization (Kelishadi, 2017). The worldwide environmental contamination, including ozone-harming substance discharges and corrosive deposition, and additionally water contamination and waste administration are considered as global issues, which ought to be explored from different viewpoints including social, legislative, economics, and ecological designing frameworks (Faisal Masudi, 2017). Also, the way of lifestyle should aim at the well-being of the environment.

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British experts have warned of the massive pollution in the Gulf (El-Nemr, 2010). The United Arabs Emirates have all the ingredients to cause an environmental disaster, due to the industrial transformation happening in the country.


Environmental pollution poses a great threat to the public health. Therefore, public intervention should be considered (Manning, 2007). In respect to that, public awareness should be increased. Health experts have a selective competency to help for counteractive action and diminishment of the environmental pollution in the world.

Global, National or Regional Initiatives

The UAE signed various treaties and conventions aimed at protecting the environment. They include:

  • The Convection on Migratory Species: – It is a treaty signed by the United Arabs Emirates ministry of climate change and environment and the environmental agency -Abu Dhabi, with the aim to protect migratory species in the world (“United Arab Emirates Joins Convention on Migratory Species – Reaffirms Strong Commitment to International Raptor and Dugong Conservation | CMS”, 2017).
  • UAE is located in a rich diversity of marine. Some include species that live in the Indian Ocean waters around UAE. Therefore, it is essential for the UAE to improve their measures on environmental pollution as the country is undergoing major industrialization.
  • The UAE is a contracting party to Ramsar and convectional on Biological diversity. The treaty recognizes the importance of conserving the environment.
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