The health benefits of Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet, Weight Watchers and Zone Diet

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Mediterranean Diet

Among the benefits of the Mediterranean diet is that it helps lose to weight in a natural way. The Mediterranean diet is worthwhile and sustainable and many people across the world are enjoying it. People have testified to lose weight through this diet as it helps them reduce the intake of fat because they consume more nutrients. 

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Integrative-based practice: Many studies show that the Mediterranean diet can improve heart health by reducing intake of red meat, unhealthy fats and high-sugared foods. The diet is healthy comprising of fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It is a diet ideal for people with illnesses such as diabetes. The use of the technique is a recommendation for the patients with heart problems. It works by reducing blood sugar levels and the accumulation of fats around the heart (Altevogt, 2013). 

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet enables better digestion and absorption. It recommends people to eat foods easily digestible in their bodies. In this way, people will mainly focus on what the previous people used to eat. This has been the case for almost all groups of people (Engelkirk, Duben-Engelkirk & Burton, 2016).  

Evidence based practice: For instance, rice has been among the most common types of foods in Asian countries. When these people travel to other regions like in the West, they normally experience problems with the diet because the process of the body adapting to the new diet resulting in infection (Pierre, 2017). People focus on specific foods and there are dishes they cannot eat irrespective of the taste. 

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers diet enables us to eat out favorite foods in moderation. This diet is helpful in controlling calories in which one can eat any type of food provided he tracks the point values in watching the recommended portion sizes. 

Evidence based practice: An example is many seniors receive advice from physicians to increase their sugar intake to promote their health but it should be at a particular level so that they cannot face the risk of cognitive impairment (Engelkirk, Duben-Engelkirk & Burton, 2016). Another example is of obese people. These people may be limited on the amount of meat or other foods reach in protein they are able to consume.

Zone Diet

The zone diet is another technique for weight loss. At the same time, this diet minimizes the chances of heart diseases. A study undertaken in America concerning the effects of zone diet on overweight individuals had many positive results (Altevogt, 2013).  

Evidence based practice: According to the study findings, overweight participants who observed the zone diet for one year improved their cholesterol ratios and lost some weight. 


Métis-Based Practice: Based on the information found after reading the evidence-based literature, I would recommend the Mediterranean diet because it has global acceptance and it is a natural way to lose weight that majority of people prefer (Brill, 2009). In addition it is very effective for weight loss, heart disease and diabetes prevention as the guideline state show that it reduces sugar, fats and difficult to process protein by eating a diet involving eggs, fruits and vegetables (Altevogt, 2013). In the medical practice, I have had many observations where most diabetic and heart diagnosed patients end up taking on the weight watchers diet, which controls intake of calories and only solves part of their health problems. As a medical provider, I would strongly recommend the Mediterranean diet to my diabetic patients.  It is effective with controlling the diseases while ensuring patients control their weight.

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