The heat or climate change

Subject: Environment
Type: Persuasive Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 254
Topics: Climate Change, Environmental Issues, Global Warming

Pre-writing technique:  focused freewriting

Visual representation of the world burning in a man’s hand.

Climate change is burning the word.

The image is intended to become culture neutral as there is no cultural references in the image.  The intention is to make it understandable by everybody. For the message not to be lost in cultural translation.  It can also be taken as a call to action for us to change our ways.  It also presents an irony because the hand that is supposed to take care of the world is the one who is causing it to burn.

Development of a paragraph that introduces the image

The image is an appropriate representation of the state of the world today – that it is figuratively burning because of climate change and that its inhabitants are the one who are destroying it.  The figure also represents an irony because the hand that holds it is supposed to be its steward or caretaker but ironically, he or she is the one who is destroying it.  For now, the hand which represents the inhabitants of the earth might not burn yet but time will come, the heat or climate change will turn so bad that the hand that is holding it will get burned.  Such, the image also represents an advocacy call to let people know the state of the earth.  And that we should change our ways right now before it is too late.  It will not be for long before the earth will be totally destroyed.

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