The Information Security Ethical Scenarios


Scenario 1

Cool Joes A/C and heating services is a large investment business that requires me to access information in the happenings of the business. Advanced technology allowed me to use GPS in tracking activities of my employees and ensuring that they implement the goals and objectives of the business. Such monitoring ensures that employees do not steal or tamper with the property of their customers or employer (Yerby, 2013). Installing of the surveillance is important in tracking the productivity of the employees and further prevents sharing of confidential information to outsiders. Moreover, GPS surveillance ensures that the security of employees and the organization’s is monitored to prevent cases of burglary or raise alarm in cases of terrorism activities. I will ensure I monitor my employees at a particular time in accordance to the law to ensure I do not invade their privacy.

The legality of monitoring employees depends on how employers conduct the surveillance to their employees. Ethical considerations involve informing the employees about the monitoring system and creating policies for employees to know how to conduct themselves in the work place. Failure of the management to follow the guidelines makes monitoring process unethical. Additionally, invading the privacy of the employees through poor ethical standards by forcefully demanding employees to giving all their confidential information is ethically wrong(Yerby, 2013). Putting GPS in private places such as washrooms and change rooms is ethically wrong. Using the smartphones to monitor people may result in interference with the personal texts and pictures of the employees that is ethically wrong. It is therefore imperative for employers to make decision on surveillance after consulting and discussing the principles of monitoring with their employees.

Scenario 2

It is my ethical responsibility to abide by the rules and policies of the information security organization. It would be ethically wrong for me to help my friend because I would be abusing the powers endowed to me by the state. The policies of the organization create guidelines that enable me to choose and differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the organization (Cengage Learning, N.d). Moreover, it is my ethical responsibility to explain to my friend that the organizational laws do not allow me to check background security details of an individual without their knowledge. Additionally, I would encourage my friend to follow the correct procedure when trying to understand the background of her neighbor. I would educate her on the comprehensive policies that require the privacy of individuals to be respected.

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Informing the security and law enforcement agencies is the correct procedure to know the information details of a new neighbor. The security officials would then ensure that the driving license or security number of the new neighbor is checked with his knowledge. Such legal and ethically correct ways do not invade privacy of individuals. There are available programs that help check the background details of new neighbor (Cengage Learning, N.d.). If this would happen in my neighborhood, I would report to the area sheriffs who work closely the Police department of the country to help check the background of the new neighbor. Unity of the neighbors is important in checking and reporting the conduct of new people who get into the area. I would involve the law in checking the security details of the new neighbor.

Scenario 3

The program of customer relationship management gives confidential information that is highly protected and available to the management hence the privacy of the customer is protected. Ethical principles ensure creation of secure environment for collecting confidential information from customers and guarantee that verification of the submitted information is done critically. Moreover, management ensures that the intellectual information of their customers is stored properly under strict supervision and a system that enables customers to change or delete their personal details from the system (McKinley, 2013). The high security requirement of the process enhance the ethical requirement of the obtaining the confidential information of customers. Additionally, the obtained information help the management in making reservation for highly overrated customers and hence improve the service delivery to such customers.

It is my ethical responsibility to store the customer information with care and not leak or sell it to other parties in maintaining loyalty with the customers. Having an efficient secure system would help monitor and protect personal credit card information to safeguard them from fraudsters. I would ensure restrictions to the organizational machines and network to prevent any cases hacking into the system (McKinley, 2013). Lastly, I would effectively train my authorized staff in properly storing the data of customers. Notably, it would be unethical for me to sell customer’s information, as I will be not following the principles of hotel professionalism. Such actions may lead to imprisonment, fined and destroys the reputation of the hotel.

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