The nature of God

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The Christian scriptural story creation, fall, redemption, and restoration portray the nature of God and reality to the truth of sickness and disease.


In the creation story, God created the earth and man in his image and likeness. The earth was made for man to thrive on. Earth was full of Gods glory and peace. Everything worked according to Gods intention, and there was peace. The world was made for humankind to flourish. It was Gods purpose for the man to live in peace and joy in the presence of his maker (Farris, 2017). This shows the loving, peaceful and kind nature of God.


Adam and Eve disobeyed God by not abiding by his will. Adam and Eve fell because they were made of flesh and blood and were representative of all mankind. Their sinful acts affect us today. Having sinned and come short of God glory has opened us up to physical and spiritual death. This shows the punishing nature of God.


God sent His only son Jesus to redeem human beings by dying on the cross. Jesus died for our sins to save us from Hell. Due to sin, there was hate, killings, stealing, wars and so much evil. The sacrificing of His only begotten son to die and save human kind shows the forgiving and loving nature of God (Farris, 2017).


The scripture states that God is coming back to restore the world from sin and evil. God will come to the world to judge the living and the dead for their sin. God will eradicate sin from the world. The restoration shows the glorious nature of God.

According to the four narratives, one would find comfort and hope in light of illness because God gave humankind dominion over the world and everything in it. Being made in the image and likeness of God gives humankind and advantage over sickness and diseases. However, for us to be made in the image of God, we must live according to the scripture and find our life purpose (Benz, 2016). We have to walk on God path. The relationship mankind has with God is the sole reason for his existence.

For us to overcome sickness, we have to appreciate and understand the nature of sin. Sins expose humankind to earthly effects including diseases. However, in redemption, God gives us hope. Healing starts with understanding, believing and accepting of God and the word of God and results of sins. This thus will reestablish the connection between God and us and make us whole once more. Affliction, suffering, and death are evils that plague human life and separate us from the will of God (Sharpe, 2016).

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