The Social Welfare System and Generalist Social Work Practice

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Personal Beliefs

Institutional social welfare is proactive, available to everyone regardless of need, and it is in place to prevent problems (Sonenshein, 2016). Some examples are social security and public education. I believe this form of social service is beneficial for everyone because it does not leave out anyone based on if they need the coverage or not. This service will allow me to help both children and families in the institution because my knowledge in the importance of this welfare programmes is extensive and well versed. I’m aware of the institutional social welfare reforms, such as adherence to integrity and ethics & codes of conduct by staff and clients in that platform, that need speedy implementation and further research to tackle emerging and current trends.

Residual social welfare is designed to address the problem that is identified, it is reactive and only available to those in need. Some examples of residential social welfare are CalFresh and temporary aid for needy families (TANF) (Sonenshein, 2016). I’m confident that members of every society who are more vulnerable to the occurrence of certain problems need to be guarded against the resulting effects of their varied experience. It is less likely everyone will have the same problem at the same time and therefore insurance is a probable sustainable solution for addressing such occurrences (University of Houston, 2018). On the other hand, I also believe in self-preparedness; everyone should take up measures of ensuring that they are less vulnerable to the cause and effect of possible problems in their day to day activities.

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The University of Houston is the social welfare institution where I will be concluding my service learning this semester. The institution’s mission statement states that their goal is to provide favourable circumstances that are ambitious but in line with the state’s interests and at the same time acknowledged by international standards (University of Houston, 2018). Learners are at the center of the institution’s foundation and their enlightenment to innovate and interact with the rest of the world is key in unraveling the problems facing the practical occurrences in the world.

According to Segal, Gerdes and Steiner, University of Houston is a social institution that lies squarely with the child welfare. The model of the institution is supposed to educate and enlighten its clients who are majorly the youth; this equips them with the relevant tool they need to be less vulnerable to ignorance and be of value to the community at large (University of Houston, 2018). These teenagers have limited or no control of the systems of the world order that usually affects them directly or indirectly. The working staff at the University of Houston has a set of rules and regulations that govern their interaction with students so that everyone (students) is kept safe from any form of abuse or corruption by unruly lecturers or the subordinate staff of the social welfare institution.   

Segal, Gerdes and Steiner text

There is a variety of techniques that my social welfare institution of choice may employ to ensure that its clients get the most needed information and education to the students. One important method is exploiting the strengths and diversity perspectives. In this system, more effort of the tutor is usually directed to promoting and growing skills of students that are more desirable to the objectives clearly set out by relevant bodies or departments. By encouraging discussions among student’s lecturers tap into the confluence of different and varied skills of students on one platform. Therefore, students share beneficial information with one another and grasp concepts that may have slip through their understanding during the lecturer’s presentation. Other techniques that will play a major role in my social welfare institution involve the use of the historical influence of theories of human demeanor in social work practice, exploiting the ecological system framework and seeking the indulgence of the family participation where necessary.

The University of Houston focuses on certain principles in order to be able to deliver its services to students effectively and ensure effective collaboration with other public institutions of higher learning. The institution throws more weight in working with students who are at risk; the goal is usually to equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge to be self-reliant and manage the risks they face. There is also more attention in the critical public policies that aim at empowering students with disabilities or those from poor backgrounds. In addition, promotion of diversity within the institution is a key element in education delivery practices. Students get to learn about other people’s culture and tradition and how best to interact with others who are not from their communities or society. Moreover, aspects such as the welfare of the service providers are looked into keenly to promote a conducive environment for them to provide their services optimally. Disciplinary committees are tasked to ensure ease and efficiency of interaction between lecturers and other working staff with the students. Students are also educated about substance abuse and how it can bring negative effects and render them less useful.  

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