The USA Electoral College


This is a technique that was enacted back in seventeen eighty-eight through the constitution in via article two. This also gave birth to the executive arm of the government of the USA, and it was later revised three times, in eighteen zero four, eighteen sixty-eight and nineteen sixty-one (Virgin, 2017). I believe that the Electoral College will continue to be the right institution for the right leader of the Americans to be elected. It has existed for many years, and old voters have witnessed presidents being successful and honestly elected to lead the nation.

The technique is favorable choosing the president in that by utilizing the electors as opposed to the popular vote, will ensure voters who are illiterate or uninformed could be prevented from going against the sound decisions that could provide the right president (Virgin, 2017). Additionally, it ensures that there is no compromise in presidential election through the popular vote and makes the Congress be the ones to choose the president.

Secondly, the Electoral College gives an assurance that in the selection of the president, there is involvement of the entire country. In this case,  there will not be a limitation in campaigns if election solely depended on the popular votes. For the election win, presidential hopefuls require the electoral votes from various locales, and in this manner the organization of the rallies for campaigns in public gatherings with the intention of telling people that a winner is the right president of the country. If the electrical college could have been absent, the groups like farmers in Lowa and workers in Ohio would not be considered whereas other areas with a high population are put into focus.

Thirdly, using the Electoral College for choosing the president is that there is a guarantee in the presidential election outcome. For instance, if the popular vote were the critical factor in getting the winner of an election, he/she will not get the lion share, but the popular votes will be high. Hence the idea of Electoral College blocks some orders such as election rerun. Additionally, the president will have more chances in being believed by the citizens (Whitman, 2003). This is shown when President Obama got fifty-one and a third percent of the mainstream vote in 2012 however but acquired sixty-one and a seventh percent of the electoral votes.

Concerning the Florida 2000 event of election, the voices of the citizens were heard because the recount was conducted so that the outcomes could satisfy all the voters and contestants. This was due to the law that, In the event that the informal returns mirror that a contender for any office was vanquished or wiped out by one-portion of a percent or less of the votes cast for such office. A relate should be requested of the votes cast regarding such position or measure (Whitman & Watson, 2005). The State secretary is in charge of stating the order of recount in government, state, and multicounty races. The area soliciting board or the neighborhood board in charge of guaranteeing the decision is in charge of giving the recount order in every single other race. An order of recount will not be done for the advantage of any in any case, if the applicant or hopefuls crushed or wiped out from conflict for such office by one-portion of a percent or less of the votes cast for such office ask for in composing that a related not be made.

To avoid such an occurrence of the 2000 election, it is good to make use of the Electoral College since it works soundly. By looking at the U.S map who have the popular votes on the county basis, Gore had a slight dominant part of the famous vote, yet around eighty percent of the territory of the U.S. voted in favor of Bush. Furthermore, that is exactly why the Electoral College was made .Numerous provincial voters, particularly in the West, consider themselves to be being abused to pay for urban social issues they didn’t make and hamstrung by directions they neither need nor need. It most likely bothers Democrats hugely to be thrown in the part of the onerous dominant region, with moderate provincial and residential community voters the ensured minority, yet that is precisely how the framework functioned for this situation. 

In conclusion, there is obviously, the unavoidable discussion in nullifying the Electoral College. There’s undeniable value in keeping votes in discretely for instance a national recount. Yet past that, it takes a seventy-five percent dominant part of the states to change the Constitution. It just takes thirteen states to hinder the amendment of the constitution. Lastly, the third parties should be strengthened and encouraged. The American issues of politics are that the mass of voters are on the inside however party activists are on the edges.

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