Joe Biden – The Transformational President


Post-Covid-19 events and the economic recovery threat have allowed Joe Biden to become a transformational leader. It is a rare opportunity that history can provide. The opportunity also arose as the U.S partners strived to restore the country’s cause among the leading democracies. In addition, the increased trade wars among nations necessitate transformative leadership. Also, extreme events due to climate change have increased, affecting the whole world. Nevertheless, Biden’s transformative leadership style faces challenges such as the bipartisan domestic politicians, age, and increased global disunity. Joe Biden has used executive powers provided by the constitution to demonstrate transformative leadership by proposing the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief law, the American family’s plan, and reviving the transatlantic agreement, offering solutions during this disruptive period.

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The $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 Relief Law

The signing of the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief law was transformative since it mitigated the pain caused by the Pandemic. The policy aimed to raise the income of the poorest fifth by 20%. The plan provided $1,400 to most households in the United States as a direct deposit. The plan also provided $300 weekly as unemployment insurance. The child tax credit was expanded for a year to help businesses keep their staff on payroll. The allocation for vaccination, utility assistance, and tribal relief was $20 Billion, $25 Billion, and $359 Billion, respectively. The democrats believed the plan was necessary since over 20 million Americans received unemployment benefits while millions of others could not afford food and shelter. Also, the relief aimed to reduce child poverty since it increased supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits by 15% and provided $ 120 Billion to K 12 schools (Brooks, 2021). Thus, the policy proposed by Biden was significant in maintaining and improving Americans’ living standards.

The American Family’s Plan

Additionally, joe Biden’s transformative leadership traits were evident through the proposition of the American family’s plan. The plan aimed to support child care by increasing the hourly wage from $15 to $39 paid to childcare providers and offering tuition for community college. The plan proposes a cover of 75% average tuition fee by the federal government. Over 5.5 million students would benefit from the program. The president also supports canceling student loans of up to $10,000 per borrower. The plan provides $39 Billion towards tuition for students from families earning less than $125,000 enrolled in historically black institutions. The policy prosed the enhancement of the Pell grant by providing an additional $1,400 to students from low-income families. It also provided two weeks of paid sick leave and ten weeks to workers from families whose children required care due to school closure. Over 30 million people working in the private sector and self-employed without paid leave benefited from the package. The program provided $200 billion towards preschool for all 3 -4 years old children, saving the typical family an average of $13,000. The proposal aimed to reduce the teacher shortage by recruiting additional teachers and enhancing educator human resources. It provided $25 billion in nutrition assistance to children from low-income families (Luhby et al., 2021). Thus, the American family’s proposition by Biden was critical and transformative since it helped low-income families.

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Partnership With the European Union to Revive the Transatlantic Agreement

Moreover, the president depicts transformative traits by enhancing foreign policies to unite the globe for prosperity. He has partnered with the European Union to revive the transatlantic agreement established 75 years ago. The partnership aimed to promote rules that prevent conflicts among powerful nations and encourage favorable international. It also promoted international trade and peaceful coexistence while respecting the sovereignty of nations. Besides, Biden committed to reducing climate change’s effects by rejoining the climate change signed in Paris. Furthermore, his administration has enacted laws promoting renewable energy use while providing new opportunities (FredKempe, 2020). Biden’s proposals and commitment to climate change are significant and transformative since they will reduce the extreme disasters globally, such as heat waves, drought and famine, and floods that have been frequent in the recent past.


Overall, Joe Biden has demonstrated transformative leadership styles by committing to providing solutions to the challenges facing the country and the World. The president used the powers granted by the constitution to propose suitable executive orders that would mitigate the pain caused by the Pandemic. The signing of the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief law will increase the income of low-income families, reduce child poverty, and provide unemployment benefits to millions of Americans affected by the Pandemic. Besides, the proposition of the American family’s plan was transformative since it aimed at improving child care, providing tuition fees for community college students, providing paid sick and family-paid leave, enhancing preschool education, and addressing the teacher shortage problem. Also, the president depicts transformative traits by enhancing foreign policies to unite the globe for its prosperity. The partnership with the European Union aimed to revive the transatlantic agreement. The cause endorsed rules that encourage favorable international trade, prevent conflicts among powerful nations, and promote peaceful coexistence while respecting the sovereignty of nations. Besides, Biden committed to reducing climate change’s effects by rejoining the climate change signed in Paris. Therefore, Joe Biden has demonstrated a transformative leadership style that has led to domestic and international progress during the disruptive period.

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