Tools to Improve Product Development Processes

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UNICEF is a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization working in partnership with more than 180 governments and private entities to avert the detrimental effects of poverty to children all across the globe (UNICEF, 2016). The organization constantly encounters persistent communication problems due to the fact that its employees’ geographical locations are widely spread globally. To mitigate this problem, I proposed that UNICEF considers incorporating the Isat Phone Pro in its operations. This is due to the fact that this satellite phone is not limited to physical barriers such as network availability which hinder audibility as well as voice clarity during calls (De Selding, 2013).  As a result, it is best suitable for UNICEF operations. This is due to the fact that a majority of UNICEF programs are undertaken in remote locations most especially in third-world countries. As such, the organization often faces disruptions in communication due to poor the infrastructural frameworks prominent in third-world countries.

Tools for improving new product development processes

According to Schilling 2013, dominant tools often used to enhance the development of new products include:

Stage-Gate Process

The stage-gate process is a renowned new product development model founded by Robert G. Cooper. This model involves driving new products innovations along multiple developmental stages aimed at evaluating its long term viability (Schilling, 2013). The model is highly suitable in the creation of the Isat Phone Pro. This is due to the fact that the idea behind the invention of Isat Phone Pro is to design a highly reliable satellite phone capable of withstanding the challenges of communication in remote locations. These challenges include audibility and voice clarity in the event of poor network reception. As such, manufacturers embracing the stage gate process are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing its entire build through various stages aimed at ensuring that the end product satisfactorily meets the communication challenges common in remote locations. In the event that team members unanimously agree that the product is viable, they proceed to move it onto the next stage up until its completion. However, should the product fail to meet their requirements, team members often propose various mitigation strategies such as redoing the project from scratch up until it becomes is made viable.

Quality Function Deployment

Quality Function Deployment is a new product development model developed to help enhance quality in new products through a series of steps. This steps aim to identify customer needs in order to invent new products aimed at offering long term solutions to these varied needs. QFD is a model that best suits the development of the Isat Phone Pro. This is due to the fact that the model aims to identify specific customer requirements in order to offer a long term solution to their concerns through quality products. In the case of UNICEF, the specific need is for the innovation of a device capable of ensuring reliable communication between agents in various remote countries across the globe. As such, relying on the QFD model is paramount since it aims for a long term solutions to client’s needs.

Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing is a model of new product developmental processes aimed at structuring new products within a specified design framework (Schilling, 2013). These frameworks help manufacturers low product production costs while ensuring that quality isn’t compromised as the products are easy to manufacture. Products that employ easy manufacturing processes ultimately lower production costs. Design for manufacture is a useful model to embrace in the design of the Isat Phone Pro. This is due to the fact that the model aims to maximize production while minimizing costs. In the case of UNICEF, the organization needs many Isat Phone Pro devices to distribute to the multiple agents it hires across the globe. As such, it is important that the organization embraces a model guaranteed to manufacture more products in the least amount of time. This helps save costs which UNICEF can then translate into the philanthropic projects across third world countries. 

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Failure modes and effects analysis is a new product developmental framework which aimed at establishing the weaknesses in new products in order to avert the possibility of product failure once manufacturing is complete (Schilling, 2013). This model can work greatly with the Isat Phone Pro. This is due to the fact that the major weakness in the Isat Phone Pro is in its ability to experience communication barriers as a result of poor structural frameworks in remote areas. In using failure modes and effects analysis, manufacturers of the Isat Phone Pro are capable of analyzing the severity of the risks posed by the Isat Phone Pro in communication. In so doing, they will then be able to invent corrective measures tailored to target these weaknesses.

Computer Aided Design

Computer aided design is the incorporation of computer technologies in the creation and testing of product designs (Schilling, 2013). This model is highly reliable and could be useful in the creation and testing of Isat Phone Pros. This is due to the fact that manufactures can easily design and test 3-D prototypes of the Isat Phone Pro using computer technology. As such, they may use the model to develop and test the Isat Phone Pro prototypes prior to their manufacture. This helps save time as prototypes are generated faster using computer technology as compared to physically designing prototypes. 

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer aided manufacturing involves the utilization of machines in the manufacturing of new products (Schilling, 2013). This model is highly effective as it aims to optimize the speed of product manufacturing hence saving time. As such, it is very reliable in the speedy manufacture of Isat Phone Pro since the products are widely useful to UNICEF as the organization may require their immediate distribution to agents located in globe. 

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