Violent video games

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The term video game, in general, refers to an entertainment program that is interactive and is projected onto television type screens or monitors either by coin operated arcade games or computers dedicated for game playing referred to as video game consoles. Violent video games refer to such games but with aspects of fighting, action or other thrilling sites. Ethan Gilsdorf, an American editor, poet, writer, critic teacher and journalist share his view about violent video games in his article “Why We Need Violent Video Games.” In this article that was written in 2013, Ethan explains how such video games are important as a good avenue for people to relieve their anger, stress and other depressing emotions.

In the article, Ethan observes that in the past times, there were several attempts to bring to an end gun violence. This was done through the use of non-violent video games as well as laws that banned these games. However, it was not successful.  He compares these attempts with previous attempts to stop rock n roll and rap music. Instead of these stopping or coming to an end, they spread even further.

Ethan also notes that studies have been conducted about the relationship between gun violence and such video games. He explains that there is no proven association between the two. In fact, the author realizes that through such games, people of all ages who play the games find a chance or an opportunity to let go of their grieve in the imagination of the game. This way, people can direct the energy brought about by stress or anger at the imaginations of the games rather than doing it physically. He explains that with such games, gun violence will be reduced instead of increasing.

In concluding the article, Ethan emphasizes the importance of letting young people, especially those going through various frustrations play such games. This way, they can be able to release bottled up tendencies of being violent.

According to the information presented in his article, his works seem to be factual and well thought. The author of the article states that no research has proven a relationship between violent video games and gun violence or any other kind of violence. The ideas presented in the article seem to be very significant as far as the topic in question is concerned. His arguments also seem to be well structured and the terms used clearly defined. He seems to have the good convincing power to the audience he targets. I would say that he has achieved the purpose for which he wrote the paper. He has achieved this especially with the arguments concerning relieving stress, past cases and evidence of research.

I tend to agree with Ethan’s point of view about violent video games. The argument about letting go of stress and anger is very key. People need to have avenues through which they can let heavy burdens of their chests. This avenue turns to be very helpful since, through imagination, no actual violence can happen. More can be avoided.

In conclusion, such video games are needed. To help young people let go of stress and anger, this an avenue worth exploring. This is the main success point of the article. The weakness, however, is that though the author explains that there is no existing prove that there is a relationship between gun violence and violent video games, they do not tell the audience of any existing evidence about how they help reduce gun violence.

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