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Visual and performing arts are programs basically designed to prepare students in any chosen performing activities and visual artistic media. The primary focus in such a programme is the visual and performing arts (Classification of Instructional Programs, 2010). It is the recommended course for any individual with an artistic background who is willing to improve on their skills. It deepens social and emotional development.

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There are several disciplines covered in visual and performing arts. These include dance, music, theatre, ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing etc. Through all these disciplines, artists are free to express emotion, opinion, feeling, and taste. Such is an essential factor when one involves themselves in any artistic expression. In the ensuing discussion, I am going to discuss my interest in music as a form of expression. Additionally, I am going to highlight why more attention should be paid to music in schools.

In one of his famous quotes, Plato stated that, “I would teach my students music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning.” This statement just goes to show how music is important.

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Music refers to an expression of emotion and ideas in sound form. It is an element that can be traced back to the beginning of mankind. Personally, I fell in love with music at a very tender age. Continuous exposure to music by my parents meant subconscious induction into this art form. As a result, music has dominated my life. Music challenged my reasoning and widened the horizons through which I perceive the world. I can easily identify a majority of my fondest memories through certain songs that were relevant at the time. The number of times I’ve resorted to music during challenging times is uncountable. However, the most important gift music offers any individual is the freedom to express their emotions, thoughts, and concerns. Furthermore, music incorporates several other disciplines such as dance, theatre, photography, and design. This is why music interests me.

Just as any other art form, the state that music is in right now is as a result of the many individuals that have perfected it throughout the years. The beauty of music is that nobody is considered perfect. Rather, it is a lifelong lesson as music evolves all the time. A number of musicians have stood out for me over the years. They include; Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Bob Marley. These musicians have single handedly influenced several generations and will continue to do so for a very long time. Musical genres such as Pop and Reggae are as advanced as they are due to the efforts of these individuals.

Schools should definitely allocate more time for music in the curriculum. All of us can attest to the benefits that are brought about by sports. Similarly, if given the chance, music could have such an impact. Music develops the brain just as sports develop the body. Studies show that music improves memorization, enthusiasm, and creativity in students (Levi, 2017). It encourages self-expression with the outcome being a group of very confident individuals. I believe that the moment arts are given more focus in schools, then the world is bound to witness positive outcomes.

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