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Owen introduces a kid to a bayonet, which had a symbolic meaning of death, war, blood, and cruelty. It depicts the innocence of the child, which is identified to experience the conflict of the adulthood, which raised from the concept of the Babel the tower. The poet to depict how the relationship exists between the themes of experience uses different personification and innocence in the poem is all about the young, inexperienced boy who acts like a soldier. He is needed to see and feel how cold the bayonet is, to “stroke” the bullets, and to examine the cartridge.

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The matter in the war of the Englishman is set to engage in long the rhythm pattern of producing the unified and solemn tone for the battle cry and filled with the rhetorical patriotism (Matthews, 2012). Angel is presented to suggest the coming fall in the condition of winning the battle. The angel later shows “fatal scroll” to anyone who was willing to fight for freedom. .the angel gives warning to people that death may wipe them away, but there is one who will rise to get to the better place. It becomes very hard to avoid fathers sins and without trouble to the sons. It became difficult for Drake to make decision on life over freedom. There is direct call for patriotism, which results, to a general call for war to his country, which is regarded as rebellion. Resistance helps in fighting tyranny.

Wilfred Owen was born on the borders of Welsh and was brought up in Shrewsbury and had enjoyed his life from 1893-1918.he published four of his poems before he died but was a determined poet (Kellner, 2015). He worked on the rhyming pattern, and this became characteristic of his poetry. He had a steady growing reputation, and his work got regarded most significant and impacted influence to generations of the poets and the readers who acknowledged his work. William Blake was born in 1757 in England, London; he began writing at an early age, and got the claim of having a vision at the age of 10. As misunderstood poet, he found admirers later in his life that vastly got substantial effort since his year of death, 1827.

The poem of “Arms and the Boy,”  from a big picture, it is seen to have heroic couplets, but when reading throughout the line going down, you come to discover that there is difficulty in scanning it. Things happen to be messy because it is not pretty and neat at all because I have no perfect end rhymes. There is no neatness because there seems to exist some ditty of glory about the patriotic sacrifice (Hansen, 2013). The use of parenthesis gives illusion all tied in a formal blow, which was unsettled when the expectation of the reader gets thrown out of the window. A War song to Englishman gives a feeling of deliberating the rhythm pattern that produces the unified and solemn tone of cry and gets filled with rhetoric and unabashed patriotism.

The message from the poem “Arms and the Boy” is about the young kids who are forced to go to war and barely does not know the consequences of war. They are given the weapons, which makes them robust and dangerous while they should be at home living their life and at that young age, they are not meant for any death. The boys sent to war should be playing instead of killing people. “A War Song to Englishman” portrays the presence of contradiction theme of religion and war and the repetition of some words makes it look like a chant like and shows the songs used in war because the terms of war and death are used (Tick, 2012). The poem seems to be more evil and dark because of the supernatural and religious themes used which creates the distressful environment in this poem.

First song “Arms and the Boy” does not convince people to support the war because little innocent kids are taken to the field of battle to fight and kill other people instead of being at home, to play and enjoy living. They are given armament, which they do not know how to use to make them more dangerous and strong. Unlike in the second poem, looks terrible out of the repetition of some chants, which characterize it to seem like a war son. From it, no support is given to war because the circumstance is negative, as many people must lose their lives.

In the first poem, death associates with the armaments given to the boys who prepare to go to war and kill others. They are not trained but given the arms to fight, they only know how to kill yet not well prepared for war. In the second poem, war gets associated with fighting for freedom, which must claim the lives of people. He justified choosing life over freedom becomes difficult because rebellion may lead to war and many people’s lives will be at risk. Direct call for patriotism calls for war in the country and that it is regarded as a rebellion. Once there existence of the insurgency, war must arise, and people have to die.

The use of bayonet and arrows becomes useful since they make people using them to look more dangerous and vigorous when they go to war (Handel, 2012). The war chants used together with the weapons makes them look more dangerous in the war. Bayonet blades and arrow has helped in winning the war and attained the patriotism. Like in the first poem, the use of blade has made the young boys to look more dangerous when they go for war scares the enemies away and win the war. In the second poem, the use of arrow has been useful as it is employed in the war to put off the enemies during the war and kill the other rebellious people. For anyone who was willing to fight could be given the weapon like the arrow and could get the courage to face the war because they could feel secure.

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