Weaknesses and Strengths of the Canadian CJS

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The Canadian Criminal Justice System is highly sophisticated, as it comprises municipal Agencies, organizations; territorial, federal and provincial agencies play a part in the justice system though none of the agencies has ownership or control of the entire system and legislative mandate.  Each company has a constitutional division of responsibility (Griffiths & Verdun-Jones, 2009).

Strengths of the legal system

One of the primary principals of the justice system that enhances free trial dictates that a person is assumed innocent until proven guilty. In this case, the accused is subject to a fair trial from which they will be determined guilty in the provision of enough evidence and facts beyond a reasonable doubt that proves their guilt (Griffiths & Verdun-Jones, 2009).

Regarding the youth justice, the system alters the law for youth aged between 12 and 17 to less severe consequences as well as protection of one’s privacy. Youths face such charges as community service or counseling in place of going to jail or massive fines.

The system also gives the youth a chance to contribute to the enactment of law as they are provided with numerous roles. Citizen is allowed to educate himself or herself regarding the system, observe the passage of laws in progress and provide feedback concerning the system to the criminal law offices or the government (Goof, 2004). 

The legal system also provides for the corrections and release Act that is a program that lays focus on reducing and dealing with crime by use of rehabilitation among other initiatives. Though the corrective actions constitute the weaknesses mainly because the public is not familiar with the effort, its operations have been progressive especially in handling youth crimes.


The Canadian Criminal Justice System faces significant challenges towards enactment of the law. The system lacks confidence from the public when it comes to protecting the rights of offenders in that people believe the system takes too long to deliver justice. The people believe that the judges offer sentences to offenders that are too lenient and that the correction system has failed its part in rehabilitating offenders.

In essence, the public opinion and low confidence is one of the major downfall of the Criminal justice system. The general sentiments towards the legal system on their role of delivering justice and corrections have remained stable for so long even as crime rates go down (Roberts & Stalans, 2010). 

Some of other challenges is that the system has been facing include:

  • Avoiding  plea-bargains that are questionable
  • Ensure that the system accommodates for the aboriginal people, youths, aging, and women among others. 
  • Addressing the needs of victims while still enacting justice
  • Handling and managing organized crimes.
  • Allow the lawful police access to individuals, information and, property in productive ways. 


The Canadian Criminal Justice System is compound such that it is encompassed with several weakness and strengths in the enhancement of law. The system tries to incorporate the interests of the public though to some extent there exist a gap mainly because the public lacks confidence in their legal system. However, the public has a role to play to ensure justice is meant by having comprehensive knowledge on their legal system, observing the legal actions and point out the area of changes to ensure that the interests of the very group are balanced.

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