Why a Large Male Phallus is Attractive to Women

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Women tend to pick their sexual partners through various considerations of which the size of a man’s genitalia and phallus is one of them. Women have different preferences when it comes to the size of a man’s genitalia. Some prefer the phallus being average while others prefer it being large for a various number of reasons that are different from one woman to another. No woman wants a man with a smaller penis since they consider small penises as less satisfying and this makes their sexual life boring as compared to the satisfaction that a bigger penis gives them. The size of a man’s phallus is a key determinant in women’s selection of their sexual partners and also selection of a spouse. Men have different sizes of genitalia ranging from small to average to large and this gives women a variety of selection according to the preferences and satisfaction level.

There are various reasons why women prefer men with a large phallus and genitalia rather than those with small or average based on social attributed reasons. Firstly, women view a large penis as a sign of good health and masculinity in a man. Studies carried out on women regarding men’s penis sizes have revealed that women view men who have larger penis sizes as more stronger and healthier than those with smaller ones (Fortenberry, 2013). Women select sexual partners on this concept hoping to pass the genetic structure of the men to their children since they believe the children will be born healthy and strong. This is not scientifically true but a man with a firm erection rather than big phallus size is considered as biologically healthier than one with a weaker erection.

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According to Richardson, secondly, women believe that men with larger phallus and genitalia have a high self esteem as compared to men who have smaller ones (2010). This is somehow true since studies carried out on the self esteem of various men with regards to penis size have found out that genitalia size affects self esteem of males to a particular level. Women like a man with a high self esteem who is confident in approaching them and confident in everything he does especially in their relationship more so during sexual intercourse. Men who have bigger genitalia tend to be confident due to a higher self esteem since4 they are comfortable with their penis size. Men with smaller genitalia usually tend to have a lower self esteem since they are not confident with their penis size. This makes them les masculine and some women consider them as feminine to a certain level.

Thirdly, women consider men with larger genitalia as more satisfying sexually as compared to men with smaller or average genitalia. Sex is a psychological thing and the expectation or view of a person especially a woman determines the achievement of satisfaction during sexual intercourse Jennions, 2013). Most women believe that a larger penis helps them get orgasms during sexual intercourse easily hence resulting to sexual satisfaction. Most women do not achieve sufficient or any orgasms at all during sexual intercourse and they have blamed this on the size of genitalia of the men that they have engaged in sexual intercourses with. Research studies carried out on women above the age of 18years have shown that women who engage in sexual intercourse with men that have a bigger genitalia have achieved orgasms. Most women who engaged in sexual intercourse with men who had small genitalia and phallus did not achieve sufficient or any orgasms at all. Orgasms are the key determinant factor in women’s sexual satisfaction. Since sex is a psychological thing the belief of women about genitalia size helps them in achieving orgasms and also is a determinant on the choice of their sexual partners.

Fourthly, women believe that men who have a large phallus and genitalia are more fertile than men with small ones. This is not scientifically and biologically true since a larger penis does not determine the sperm count in a man rather the size of the testicles is a partial determinant of the sperm count in a man. Penis size does not determine in any way possible the fertility of a man in terms of producing children. The reproductive health of a man is what majorly determines the fertility level in terms of producing children. When the sperm is healthy which is not as a result of a larger penis size the man is able to fertilize a woman’s’ ovaries easily hence effectiveness in reproduction. Many women as per research studies done on them believe that a man with a smaller penis is less fertile since they consider the penis size as a determinant in reproduction level of a man.

Lastly, women consider men with a bigger phallus and genitalia as an upgrade to their social status and how they are viewed by people especially other women around them (Shamloul, 2013). Women are usually concerned with their social status in the society especially amongst themselves since they are always envious of other women hence resulting to a competition oriented life. Since most women consider a man with bigger genitalia as one who has a high self esteem, one who provides sexual satisfaction and believing that they are more reproductive is an advantage that they have over other women whom they interact with. Women with sexual partners either boyfriends or husbands who have larger genitalia tend to have a high self esteem and are more relaxed due to the sexual satisfaction that they achieve. This is vice versa to most women who have sexual partners who have smaller penises since they tend to have a lower self esteem since they are not comfortable with their sexual lives and they do not achieve sexual satisfaction from their partners.

Various research studies and documents have attributed size of men’s genitalia as a key determinant as to how women pick their sexual partners. The various reasons that are of social context regarding as to why women chose men with bigger genitalia have been explained above and are also similar as to those in other surveys and studies performed by researchers.

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