Why Cancer is Hard to Beat

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The article focuses on how cancer occurs and what makes the treatment of cancer difficult (Taylor & Francis, 2016). It illustrates how the normal mechanisms of how the body works and how cancer develops due to abnormal functioning of the body. Cancer is the evolutionary tool intended to proliferate the continuation of life by replacing the damaged cells with new cells. The growth of cancer cells or a tumour occurs in the normal growth of body cells. In the normal functioning of the body, the body usually determines the damaged DNA and responds by repairing the damaged cells. However, sometimes no repair occurs in which case the cells will be destroyed or die naturally. The development of cancer results when the body fails to repair the damaged cells. The “last-ditch checkpoint” occurs to get rid of damaged cells and mutations causing the damage is what lead to the occurrence of cancer (Taylor & Francis, 2016). In essence, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to cure cancer because it is an evolutionary process similar to old age. The evolutionary nature of cancer makes it hard to cure. Even though there are efficient drugs in the market, those drugs can only cure certain types of cancer, but not others. The good news for the cancer patients, their families and the society at large are that currently there are drugs capable of making cancer patients to live a normal life (Taylor & Francis, 2016). Nevertheless, as drugs, advance cancer also becomes complex due through the evolution process. Therefore, there is no guarantee for the absolute cure for cancer now or in the future.

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The article provides the concept of evolution and the effects on human development. The evolution of body cancer cells undermines the effort to offer effective treatment for cancer. Evolution results in changes of genetic materials of the biological population. Biodiversity is responsible for biodiversity (Harder, 2013). The article also illustrates how mutation occurs resulting in a diversity of life. Mutation is a biological process that results in alteration of gene structure, and the new form can be transmitted from one generation to the subsequent generation. Additionally, the article examines the concept of normal growth of the body. This involves the normal functions of the body and how it manages to replace damaged cells.

This article caught my attention because it is associated with how cancer develops. Cancer is becoming a serious problem in the modern society. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. There are various types of cancer, but breast cancer, prostate, lungs and colon cancers are the most common (National Cancer Institute, 2017). Cancer claims over half a million people every year in the U.S. Also, there are over 800,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year (Public health, 2017). Among the people diagnosed with cancer only about 16% survives while the rest die sooner or later. Cancer is believed to be caused by various factors including smoking, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to certain carcinogenic substances, diet, etc. Furthermore, there are more male than female suffering from cancer. Most of the people living with cancer are either Africans, Asians or South Americans. Despite the many factors believed to be the cause of cancer, the condition is hereditary (Public health, 2017). Therefore, I was fascinated by the article as I sought to gain some knowledge about how cancer develops in human beings and the possible cure available currently or in the future. The information in this article helps me directly to understand how I can cope with life in case I develop cancer.

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The issue of cancer is of public concern. Everyone is at risk of developing cancer at any time. As of 2012, there were more than 14 million people diagnosed with cancer (National Cancer Institute). The cost of funding research on cancer treatment is very high. Considering that the matter is of concern for everyone I believe it is appropriate for such projects to be funded using tax payers money. The treatment for cancer is still inadequate, and many people continue to lose their lives. A lot of research is required to understand various causes of cancer and how it occurs. Also, there is a need for developing effective drugs for treating cancer, particularly in an advanced stage. However, the high cost of research requires a joint effort between the public and private sector. If people continue losing their lives due to inadequate cure for cancer the society continues to incur huge cost both directly and indirectly.

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