Feminist Research Paper Topics

Updated: December 27, 2023

100 Best Feminist Research Paper Topics

Feminist topics are becoming even more common in research papers. The main reason is the increasing importance of discussing such issues in colleges and other educational institutions. Research paper on the feminist topic is not the most sophisticated task as you may think. There is sufficient information on this subject. The only challenge is to choose a suitable theme.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Feminist Research Paper Topics

To select an appropriate topic, you should adhere to a few basic principles. Following them, your paper will make sense and become interesting to read. The perfectly chosen subject is a crucial component of a stellar research paper. So, if you follow up on the guidelines below, you will enjoy A+ work.

  1. Make it clear what you are writing about.

It is better when a topic is not too broad and covers just relevant aspects. It implies that the issue “What is feminism?” is not the best idea. Professor may tell you nothing about your poor choice, but you can face difficulties revealing the main message. Very often broadness of the topic may be the reason for saying about everything but nothing. That’s because you should try to find one specific question, look for answers to it, and write a concise research paper.

  1. The feminist topic should not be feminist itself.

Have you ever think of the citation of captain Vrungler, who said, “As you name the boat, so shall it float”? When it is told about a research paper and its topic, matters are the same. The stunning and eye-catching your topic looks time, the more the chances you have to get a perfect mark for your work. The defective formulation of the issue may be the main reason for failure.

  1. It’s better not to choose very sophisticated feminist topics.

For college students, there is no point in choosing highly complex issues. In such a case, you may face a lack of information or skills to conduct in-depth research. Try to find something relevant and interesting to yourself.

25 Best Feminist Research Paper Topics for 2024

  1. The effects of the #MeToo movement on workplace culture
  2. Intersectionality in feminist theory and activism
  3. Representation of gender in American literature
  4. The impact of the gender pay gap on women’s economic empowerment
  5. The role of men in promoting gender equality
  6. The politics of reproductive rights and access to healthcare
  7. The history of feminist movements and their impact on society
  8. Sexual harassment and assault on college campuses
  9. The intersection of race and gender in the workplace
  10. The impact of patriarchal systems on women’s mental health
  11. The intersection of gender and disability rights
  12. The role of women in politics and leadership positions
  13. The impact of social media on feminist activism
  14. Women’s access to education and opportunities for career advancement
  15. The intersection of gender and environmental issues
  16. The impact of gender-based violence on women’s lives
  17. Women’s representation in STEM fields
  18. The impact of beauty standards on women’s self-esteem
  19. The role of feminist theory in understanding and combating systemic oppression
  20. Women’s experiences of motherhood and work-life balance
  21. The intersection of gender and immigration policies
  22. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women’s labor force participation and economic empowerment
  23. The role of feminist movements in addressing climate change and environmental justice
  24. Women’s experiences of sexual and reproductive healthcare in developing countries
  25. The impact of colonialism and imperialism on women’s rights and feminist movements in the Global South.

List of Feminist Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Is it possible to highlight the period when discussions on feminism started?
  2. Women’s rights in the historical perspective
  3. Who usually becomes a feminist?
  4. The most famous feminists in the current world
  5. Does feminism poorly influence teens’ minds?
  6. What is the difference between gender and sex?
  7. Same-sex marriage and feminism
  8. What are the most notorious feminist movements?
  9. How does religion correlate with feminism?
  10. What are the distinguishing features of sexism and feminism?
  11.  Is feminism only about defending women’s rights?
  12. What region in the world has the most significant feminist problems?
  13. Is it appropriate for children to learn what feminism is?
  14. Is gender equality possible nowadays?
  15. How to balance feminist forces in the current world?

15 Feminist Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Can feminism become a new fashion?
  2. What are feminist trends 2024?
  3. Can immoral feminist actions be justified?
  4. How does feminism influence psychology?
  5. Is feminism a sociological trend?
  6. Sexual orientation as the trigger of feminism
  7. Why does someone consider feminism as a sign of promiscuity of the current generation?
  8. How has freedom of speech influenced the proliferation of feminist ideas?
  9. Can feminism cause the development of a new kind of discrimination?
  10. Feminism: benefits and drawbacks for society
  11. Is feminism a new weapon for the community?
  12. How do feminist thoughts emerge in the minds of young people?
  13. What countries are the most prominent flashpoint of feminism?
  14. How do governments deal with feminist movements?
  15. What ethnic groups prohibit feminism?

15 Topics For Feminist Philosophy Research Paper

  1. Feminism as a philosophy of life
  2. What was the starting point for philosophical reflection on feminism?
  3. Is feminism the decision of a human or a society?
  4. Is feminist sentiment relevant to the current generation?
  5. Is feminism want or need?
  6. Place of a woman in the works of the most famous philosophers
  7. Is feminism the only way for a woman to conquer freedom?
  8. Feminism to address violence
  9. How has liberalism changed the way women think?
  10. What is the place of stereotypes in the 21st century?
  11. The role of a state in feminist movements
  12. What is a primary source of feminism?
  13. In what countries are feminist groups illegal?
  14. Ancient beliefs about a woman
  15. Does modern feminism have its culture?

15 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Feminist

  1. Why is feminism so harassed?
  2. Can women change the world by taking part in feminist movements?
  3. Gender rights as the most visible kind of discrimination
  4. Feminism is no longer a taboo
  5. Changes of the world with the development of feminism
  6. Why do feminists sometimes cross the line and resort to illegal means?
  7. Every human is, to some extent feminist
  8. Outcomes of main feminist movements
  9. Social networks era and feminism development
  10. Women no longer silence
  11. Why is feminism condemned?
  12. Feminist modern art
  13. Who can be a feminist?
  14. Discrimination as the main reason for feminism
  15. Women and international business

15 Feminist Research Paper Ideas

  1. Women with managerial capacity
  2. The most crucial messages of feminists
  3. How do advertisements influence the attitude to feminism?
  4. Science, technology, and innovation why upholding women’s rights
  5. Feminist families and their relationships
  6. Feminism as an effective way of self-determination
  7. A man’s and woman’s character: common and distinctive features
  8. How does the level of state development correspond to how popular feminism is there?
  9. Feminism movements in different continents
  10. Appropriate and inappropriate means of expression of feminism
  11. The difference between feminist beliefs in the 20th and 21st centuries
  12. Society’s perception of feminism
  13. What is the stumbling block with feminism in 2024?
  14. Does the feminist movement indeed bear fruits?
  15. Do could feminist concepts differ from country to country?

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