Finance Dissertation Topics

Updated: June 14, 2023

100+ Finance Dissertation Topics for Simple & Original Writing

A finance dissertation may be of a theoretical or applied nature.

Most of the subjects on finance are directly related to financial management at the micro-level and involve studies of specific enterprises and organizations using, for example, individual cases in the United States.

In the course of finance dissertation writing, you must demonstrate the ability to use consciously, generalize and critically analyze modern scientific developments, understand and rethink the methodology of money theory, credit, and banks. Also, you should demonstrate the ability to process evidence scientifically.

All this is required to make the right social and economic conclusions and generalizations, link theoretical situations to banking practice, and make concrete proposals and recommendations for their improvement.

How to Select the Best Finance Dissertation Topic?

When choosing among the dissertation topics about finance, you should remember that the study should contain aspects that will show you as a successful professional. Do not focus your research on those points that are unclear to you or controversial. It’s impossible to know everything, but you do not have to show it when you present your thesis.

During the selection of the finance dissertation subject, it is equally important to understand how complete and objective you will be able to present practical data. In fact, in most cases, the work may require balance sheets, advertising activity reports, financial and economic indicators of the enterprise’s activities, or regulations on the company’s personnel.

If you do not have access to the relevant documents, it is better to choose a different finance dissertation subject. The Ph.D. will fail if you cannot complete your theses with practical data.

List of Finance Dissertation Topics: Top-10 Simple Ideas

  1. The essence and functions of the cash nexus.
  2. Financial resources of the particular country.
  3. A mechanism for the monetary relations with other economic laws and categories.
  4. Monetary income and savings in the U.S. financial system.
  5. United States financial system.
  6. U.S. financial policy at the current stage of development.
  7. United States monetary relations mechanism and its improvement.
  8. United States monetary relations management and the challenges of improving it in a market economy.
  9. Money relations administration and its functions in the United States.
  10. Monetary relations planning and forecasting in the U.S.

10 Dissertation Topics on Finance for MBA

  1. Money relations control in the United States market.
  2. Audit controls and their forms in the US context.
  3. The cash nexus of enterprises involved in material production.
  4. Profit of the enterprise, its distribution, and its use.
  5. Financing of institutions and organizations of the non-productive sphere.
  6. Enterprise investment and sources of financing.
  7. Monetary relations of public enterprises and organizations.
  8. Financial methods of supporting and developing entrepreneurship in the USA.
  9. The U.S. State Budget, its essence, and importance.
  10. The budget structure and budget system of the United States.

10 Banking and Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. The United States State Budget, its revenues, and expenditures.
  2. Fiscal deficit and how it is managed in the US.
  3. The budget creation process in the United States.
  4. State Budget Trust Funds, their formation, and use.
  5. Local budgets and their role in economic and social development.
  6. The Fund for Social Protection of the Population, the procedure for its formation and use.
  7. Comparison of the U.S. and Chinese budgets.
  8. The nature and meaning of insurance, its types, and classification.
  9. The insurance market in the United States and conditions for its development.
  10. Organization of the insurance business in the United States and its improvement.

10 Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Corporate Governance and Financial Performance: A Comparative Study of Different Governance Mechanisms.
  2. The Role of Accounting Information in Investment Decision-making: A Behavioral Finance Perspective.
  3. Financial Reporting Quality and Earnings Management: A Study of Corporate Practices and Regulatory Frameworks.
  4. The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Adoption on Financial Statement Quality and Comparability.
  5. The Role of Risk Management in Corporate Financial Decision-making: A Study of Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies.
  6. The Effectiveness of Internal Control Systems in Preventing and Detecting Financial Fraud.
  7. The Role of Financial Technology (FinTech) in Transforming Accounting and Finance Practices: Opportunities and Challenges.
  8. The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives and Financial Performance: Evidence from Sustainable Companies.
  9. The Effects of Capital Structure on Firm Value: A Comparative Analysis of Debt and Equity Financing.
  10. The Role of Auditing in Ensuring Financial Accountability and Transparency: Challenges and Future Trends.

10 Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Capital Structure and Firm Performance: Analyzing the Optimal Debt-Equity Mix for Companies.
  2. Dividend Policy and Shareholder Value: Evaluating the Relationship between Dividend Payouts and Firm Performance.
  3. Corporate Financial Distress and Restructuring: A Study of Turnaround Strategies and their Impact on Firm Value.
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions: Assessing the Financial and Strategic Implications for Acquiring Firms.
  5. Corporate Investment Decisions: Analyzing Capital Budgeting Techniques and their Influence on Firm Value.
  6. Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Quality: Investigating the Role of Board Independence and Audit Committee Effectiveness.
  7. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Market Performance: Examining the Long-term Performance of Newly Listed Companies.
  8. Corporate Risk Management: Assessing Hedging Strategies for Managing Market, Credit, and Operational Risks.
  9. Corporate Cash Holdings and Financial Flexibility: Analyzing the Determinants and Consequences of Cash Reserves.
  10. Corporate Financial Policies and Agency Conflicts: Investigating the Influence of Managerial Ownership and Compensation on Firm Performance.
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10 Purchasing Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Supplier Relationship Management and Firm Performance: Evaluating the Impact of Effective Supplier Collaboration on Cost Reduction and Value Creation.
  2. Strategic Sourcing and Cost Optimization: Analyzing the Benefits and Challenges of Global Sourcing Strategies.
  3. Supplier Selection and Evaluation: Examining the Criteria and Methods for Identifying and Assessing Potential Suppliers.
  4. Supply Chain Financing: Investigating the Role of Financial Instruments in Mitigating Working Capital Challenges and Enhancing Supplier Relationships.
  5. Sustainable Procurement Practices: Assessing the Financial and Environmental Benefits of Ethical and Responsible Sourcing.
  6. Contract Negotiation and Risk Management: Analyzing the Impact of Negotiation Strategies on Minimizing Supplier Risks and Enhancing Financial Performance.
  7. E-Procurement and Technology Adoption: Examining the Effects of Digitalization and Automation on Procurement Efficiency and Cost Savings.
  8. Inventory Management and Working Capital Optimization: Evaluating the Relationship between Inventory Levels, Cash Flow, and Firm Profitability.
  9. Outsourcing Decisions and Financial Performance: Investigating the Financial Implications of Outsourcing Procurement Activities.
  10. Supplier Diversity and Inclusion: Assessing the Benefits and Challenges of Supplier Diversity Programs on Financial Performance and Stakeholder Relations.

10 Finance PhD Dissertation Topics

  1. Financial Risk Management: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Risk Management Strategies in Financial Institutions.
  2. Asset Pricing Models: Analyzing the Performance and Applicability of Traditional and Modern Asset Pricing Models.
  3. Corporate Governance and Firm Value: Investigating the Impact of Board Structure and Governance Mechanisms on Firm Performance.
  4. Financial Innovation and Market Efficiency: Examining the Role of Financial Innovations in Market Dynamics and Efficiency.
  5. Capital Structure and Firm Value: Analyzing the Optimal Capital Structure for Maximizing Shareholder Wealth.
  6. Behavioral Finance: Investigating the Influence of Psychological Biases on Investment Decision-making and Market Anomalies.
  7. Financial Market Regulation and Stability: Assessing the Impact of Regulatory Policies on Financial Institutions and Market Resilience.
  8. Financial Econometrics: Developing and Applying Advanced Econometric Methods for Financial Data Analysis.
  9. International Finance and Exchange Rate Dynamics: Examining the Determinants and Consequences of Exchange Rate Fluctuations.
  10. Financial Market Microstructure: Analyzing the Structure and Functioning of Financial Markets, Trading Strategies, and Market Liquidity.

10 International Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Economic Growth: Analyzing the Relationship and Implications for Host Countries.
  2. Exchange Rate Volatility and Trade: Investigating the Impact of Currency Fluctuations on International Trade Patterns.
  3. Capital Flows and Financial Stability: Assessing the Linkages between Cross-Border Capital Flows and Financial Crises.
  4. International Capital Markets Integration: Analyzing the Effects of Financial Market Integration on Risk and Return.
  5. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Adoption: Examining the Consequences for Financial Reporting and Cross-Border Investment.
  6. Sovereign Debt Crisis and Financial Contagion: Evaluating the Transmission of Financial Crises across Borders.
  7. Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Stability: Assessing the Implications of Different Exchange Rate Systems on Economic Performance.
  8. International Trade and Exchange Rate Misalignment: Investigating the Effects of Exchange Rate Misalignment on Trade Imbalances.
  9. Financial Globalization and Income Inequality: Analyzing the Relationship between Global Financial Integration and Income Distribution.
  10. International Banking and Financial Intermediation: Examining the Role of International Banks in Channeling Capital and Promoting Economic Development.

10 Behavioural Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Investor Sentiment and Stock Market Volatility: Examining the Relationship and Implications for Market Efficiency.
  2. Cognitive Biases in Investment Decision-making: Analyzing the Influence of Biases on Investment Choices and Performance.
  3. Herding Behavior in Financial Markets: Investigating the Causes and Consequences of Herding Among Investors.
  4. Overconfidence and Market Anomalies: Assessing the Impact of Overconfidence Bias on Investment Returns and Market Efficiency.
  5. Prospect Theory and Asset Pricing: Analyzing the Application of Prospect Theory in Understanding Asset Pricing Anomalies.
  6. Emotional Factors in Financial Decision-making: Examining the Role of Emotions in Shaping Investment Choices and Market Behavior.
  7. Financial Literacy and Investment Behavior: Investigating the Relationship between Financial Knowledge and Investment Decision-making.
  8. Decision-making under Uncertainty: Evaluating the Effects of Uncertainty and Ambiguity on Investment Choices.
  9. Behavioral Corporate Finance: Analyzing the Influence of Behavioral Biases on Corporate Financial Decisions and Firm Performance.
  10. Social Influence and Investor Behavior: Assessing the Impact of Social Networks and Peer Effects on Investment Choices and Market Dynamics.

10 Easy Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Features of insurance of the property of enterprises and organizations.
  2. State Health Insurance.
  3. Taxation of economic entities in the United States.
  4. Tax policy and its impact on the economy.
  5. The role of taxes in a market economy and their improvement in modern conditions.
  6. The financial market and its improvement.
  7. The stock market and its importance in the US.
  8. State credit: necessity, substance, form.
  9. Public debt and its impact on the country’s economic development.
  10. The main directions of financial development of the U.S. economy.

10 Finance Dissertation Ideas for Any Purpose

  1. Financial insolvency (bankruptcy) and its performance.
  2. The role of money relations in the regulation of the US economy.
  3. The role of the cash nexus in the development of international economic relations.
  4. Structure of public finances.
  5. Impact of the cash nexus on market development.
  6. Core functions of finance.
  7. Government revenues and expenditure.
  8. Evolution of the cash nexus in the course of the development of monetary relations.
  9. Organization of money relations control in a market economy.
  10. Money relations management in the banking sector.

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