30 Gender Essay Topics

Updated: January 5, 2022

Well, look no further! We are here to provide you with countless topics that you can use for your essay. We understand how hard it can be to settle on one topic for your research paper. That is why we have created a rich resource of gender essay topics, questions, and ideas to help you! Gender studies is still a relatively new subject, and unlike other established subjects, there is still a lot of debate concerning how to empirically study it. But this shouldn’t deter you at all. Just remember to remain objective in your research and avoid discrimination of any gender. Gender studies are done to enhance understanding of gender and relations between the genders.

Have You Been Wondering How to Select the Best Gender Essay Topic?

One of the keys to acing your research paper is selecting the right topic. An ideal topic is one that is rich in ideas and clear in direction. Before sharing with you some topics and ideas you can use, we have decided to share our tips for selecting a topic. For gender studies, we suggest you look around and identify issues or topics that are happening in your community, culture, or even your family. Personal experience plays a very significant role in gender studies. It gives you an insight into the topic and provides a guide as you complete your paper. There are hundreds of topics, if not thousands, that you can write about. As you try to think of one, we have included some of our favorite topics, questions, and ideas below. If you see anything you like, please use it.

Here Is a List of Gender Essay Topics That You Can Use

Feel free to go through the following sample topics we have available. Remember, you’re free to use any topic you like!

  1. Sex in advertising: differences between genders
  2. Sexism in the workplace
  3. Gender roles in modern-day marriages
  4. Gender-based violence in marginalized communities
  5. Teaching gender equality in schools
  6. Economic and societal discrimination of transgender individuals
  7. Gender inequality in sports
  8. Lack of female representation in STEM fields
  9. Domestic violence: women as the aggressors
  10. Cultural implications of female genital mutilation
  11. Quality of life for intersex individuals
  12. Single fatherhood vs single motherhood
  13. Gender and sex-work: the rise of male prostitution
  14. Gender differences in nonverbal communication
  15. Male feminists
  16. Gender traits: nature vs nurture
  17. Patriarchy in learning institutions
  18. Changing gender norms
  19. Gender health disparities
  20. Improving access to healthcare for women
  21. Misogyny in politics
  22. Gender equality vs gender equity
  23. Differences in cognitive development between genders
  24. Homosexuality in third-world countries
  25. Role of media in restructuring gender-roles
  26. The burden of birth-control on women
  27. Prenatal sex discernment
  28. Gender dysphoria
  29. Gender differences in immunity against communicable diseases
  30. Sex-selective abortion

Up-and-Coming Gender Equality Essay Topics

  1. What makes a perfect marriage?
  2. At what age should children be able to decide their gender identification?
  3. Discuss the tradition of female genital mutilation in some cultures.
  4. What should companies do to protect transgender and gender-neutral employees?
  5. Discuss discrimination against the LGBTQ community.
  6. How have gender norms changed over the last few years?
  7. Is there more or less acceptance for transgender individuals?
  8. Discuss the imbalance in pay between men and women.
  9. Should fathers be given equal time off when their child is born?
  10. How have companies adapted to working mothers?

We Also Have a Variety of Gender Essay Questions Available for You

Here are a few gender-based questions that can help stimulate ideas for your essay:

  1. Is the feminist movement effective?
  2. Which gender is more successful in leadership roles?
  3. Should same-sex parents raise children of the opposite gender?
  4. Does having children limit a woman’s professional success?
  5. What are the origins of sexual orientation?
  6. Should prostitution be legalized?
  7. Can gender equality truly be achieved?
  8. How is gender a determinant of health?
  9. Should family planning programs also target men?
  10. What can society do to enhance female empowerment?

We Are the Best Source for All Your Gender Essay Ideas!

If you’re looking for creative and original ideas around gender issues, then we’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our best ones:

  1. Analyze the rise in cases of femicide (violence against and killing of women)
  2. Explore forced child marriages and their impact
  3. Analyze what it means to be transgender today
  4. Investigate why depression rates are higher in women but suicide rates higher in men
  5. Study women as the healthcare gatekeepers of the family

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