50+ Great Gatsby Essay Topics

Updated: May 17, 2023

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald wrote one of the greatest American thriller novel, The Great Gatsby, in 1925. It has turned out to be one of the best sellers and most-read fictional works in the US. The popularity of this novel makes it an easy target for college tutors teaching the English language. Here, you will find the most common topics and frequently chosen questions as homework from the novel. Also, the main ideas from Fitzgerald’s work will be provided.

Free Tips and Professional Advice on How to Select the Best Great Gatsby Essay Topic?

Most teachers will leave it up to you to pick a subject from the book and discuss it under specified guidelines. To choose the most appropriate topic for your assignment, you must do the following:

  • Read the novel;
  • Identify the key themes;
  • Find credible book reviews from professionals;
  • Look for sample papers.

Once you have done that, use the identified themes to compose argumentative questions. Such queries form a great basis of drafting up suitable topics for your paper.

Here Is a List of Great Gatsby Essay Topics for Your Paper

Fitzgerald wrote a masterpiece, which is why the book is common in American English literature classes. It has been discussed for many years. If given a chance to find a topic on your own, you are lucky. Below is a list to guide you:

  1. Relationship between protagonists in the book; Gatsby and Nick.
  2. Nick, a morally equivocal character
  3. White color as a representation of incorruptibility in the book
  4. Differences in the key women characters
  5. Author’s portrayal of disillusionment
  6. Money and influence in relation to Gatsby
  7. Society and class as envisioned by Fitzgerald
  8. The peculiarities of the narrator’s voice
  9. The theme of love
  10. Similarities of the key male characters
  11. Money and Gatsby’s past
  12. The resemblance of Wilson to Gatsby
  13. Depiction of the American dream in the story
  14. The effectiveness of Fitzgerald’s writing
  15. Literary devices used in the novel
  16. Reliability of Nick as a narrator
  17. Minor characters in Great Gatsby
  18. Development of weather to create moods in the story
  19. The theme of alienation
  20. The setting of the plot in the novel in regards to lifestyle
  21. Admirable traits of Gatsby
  22. Injustices portrayed in the book
  23. Wealth and happiness
  24. Representation of the poor in the novel
  25. Nick’s role in the development of the plot
  26. The loneliness of the main character
  27. Social class bias
  28. The death of Gatsby
  29. Reasons why Daisy and Tom remain together
  30. Use of imagery and symbolism in Great Gatsby

The list above provides issues that are common in high school and college level essays from the book. Let’s look at a few questions from this fictional work.

The Great Gatsby Literary Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the theme of money in the novel.
  2. Who is the narrator, and what do they add to the story?
  3. Analyze the minor characters.
  4. What is the moral of the story?
  5. Discuss the theme of love in the novel.
  6. How does weather play a significant role in the development of the story?
  7. Analyze the author’s writing style.
  8. What role does alienation play in the story?
  9. Analyze the relationship between the two protagonists.
  10. How are classes separated in the book?

20 More The Great Gatsby Essay Topics

  1. The symbolism of the green light in “The Great Gatsby.”
  2. Exploring the theme of wealth and materialism in the novel.
  3. The concept of the American Dream in “The Great Gatsby.”
  4. The role of social class and hierarchy in the story.
  5. The representation of women in “The Great Gatsby.”
  6. The use of color imagery in depicting characters and settings.
  7. The motif of eyes and their significance in the narrative.
  8. Analyzing the character of Jay Gatsby: a tragic hero or a romantic dreamer?
  9. The theme of love and obsession in the novel.
  10. Fitzgerald’s critique of the Jazz Age and its excesses.
  11. The role of morality and ethics in “The Great Gatsby.”
  12. The significance of the Valley of Ashes in the story.
  13. The impact of the past on the present in the lives of the characters.
  14. The portrayal of the American society in the 1920s.
  15. The influence of money and power on relationships in the novel.
  16. The use of flashbacks and their contribution to the narrative structure.
  17. The role of religion and spirituality in “The Great Gatsby.”
  18. The exploration of loneliness and isolation in the characters’ lives.
  19. Comparing and contrasting the characters of Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby.
  20. The theme of disillusionment and shattered dreams in the story.

Common Great Gatsby Essay Questions You Will Find in Class

Here is a list of some queries frequently asked from the novel:

  1. Does money give Gatsby true happiness?
  2. Who is the least favorable character in the story?
  3. Who can be blamed for Gatsby’s death?
  4. Is the narrator part of the poor or rich class?
  5. Does the protagonist deserve to be called “great?”
  6. How does Fitzgerald describe isolation?
  7. Does Gatsby fit the description of a self-made man?
  8. Can any of the characters in the book be considered happy?
  9. Which characters are dynamic in the tale?
  10. What is the most critical symbol in Great Gatsby?

What Great Gatsby Essay Ideas Can I Use In My Essay?

There are many concepts from the story that you can integrate into the writing process. Below is a list of a few:

  1. People can use various learning points from the novel to shape their lives in the contemporary society
  2. The book brings out ideals dominating American communities today in relation to wealth and happiness
  3. Modernism and realism in Fitzgerald’s writing
  4. As witnessed in Gatsby’s life, money or material possessions cannot buy love
  5. In most cases, the rich and the affluent in society are associated with corruption and unethical deeds.

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