100+ Hamlet Essay Topics

Updated: May 4, 2023

“The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,” which is most commonly known as “Hamlet,” is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays all over the world. The words “to be or not to be’ are so famous that it is very hard to find a person who has never heard them or quoted them in one way or the other. This play, a story of a philosophical sense of death centered on revenge, is a masterpiece from a legendary writer that leaves everyone in deep thought after reading it. This is one reason why it has become one of the most popular literature that students are commonly given essays to write on.

Do Not Know How to Select the Best Hamlet Essay Topics? Let Pros Assist You

As we have seen above, Hamlet is a masterpiece of literature. That being said, it means that the play has multiple aspects that are worth studying. This then means that there are many possible topics for a student to choose to base their essay on in the play. It can sometimes be hard for students to choose the most appropriate topic for their essays. Every student wants to get the highest mark possible; therefore, they all strive to select the best topic when it comes to drafting Hamlet essays. Here are some pointers on how to go about selecting a good topic for your essay;

  • Ensure that the topic you choose can be connected to the present time. This should not be a tough thing to do since the play has many themes that can be connected to our modern times.
  • Shakespeare did such a good job in that he could hide several philosophical questions hidden behind tragedies in the play. Always make sure that you choose a philosophy that you can be able to explain fully. This makes for the ideal topic as it gives you a lot of input material for your essay.
  • It is always a good idea to base your essay on the character that you find to be your most favorite in the play.
  • Identify some of the most dominant social norms in the said era and use them as your essay topics. However, make sure that you can satisfactorily describe these traditions and show their importance and influence of certain phenomenon in the play.

See A List of Hamlet Essay Topics to Start With

Here are some hamlet essay topics to help you out when you are looking to start on a Hamlet essay assignment given by your teacher:

  1. Since revenge and tragedy are some of the story’s outstanding aspects, do you think the play is a tragedy of revenge?
  2. Discuss the conflicts presented by the characters of Hamlet.
  3. Show how imagery implemented by the author affects the mood of the play.
  4. How does Hamlet’s revenge mission affect his relationship with Ophelia?
  5. Why do you think Prince Hamlet is so pessimistic when it comes to the concept of love?
  6. It is uncertain if Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is genuine. Do you think this has something to do with his obsession with revenge?
  7. What do you think is Hamlet’s stand on his relationship with Ophelia?
  8. Hamlet`s delays on exacting revenge, what do you think this says to his personality?
  9. Explain the relationship between Hamlet and his mother.
  10. Discuss the differences and similarities between Hamlet and Laertes.
  11. How does the marriage between Gertrude and Claudius contribute to Hamlet’s revenge plan?
  12. Discuss the differences and similarities between Claudius and Laertes based on their common hatred for Hamlet.
  13. Do you think that Hamlet was mad, or was it a ploy to exact his revenge?
  14. Describe the negative and positive roles played by women in the play.
  15. What age is Hamlet at the age of the play? Do his actions change his character in the end?
  16. Discuss the attitude that Hamlet has towards women, especially Ophelia.
  17. Is Hamlet a hero or a villain in the play? Explain.
  18. Discuss the various mood swings depicted by Hamlet in the play and show what causes them.
  19. Can Hamlet’s revenge ploy in the pay be justified? Discuss
  20. Please list the names of the various Hamlets’ protagonists and show their significance in the play.
  21. Identify and describe the main reasons why Hamlet is such an indecisive character.
  22. What do you think is Hamlet’s perception of death? Support your answer.
  23. Pick one theme in the play and show how the author has developed it throughout the play.
  24. Analyze the concept of love, friendship, and betrayal that is depicted in the play.
  25. Analyze the play’s deceptive nature and show why nothing in the play can be taken at face value.
  26. Is there a truth in this statement? “His madness is Hamlet’s true enemy.”
  27. Since Hamlet and Laertes are both looking for the truth, what are the fundamental differences between each character’s understanding of the truth? Explain.
  28. Explain how Hamlet’s speech influences his decision to become a passive character rather than stay an active one.
  29. How does the author develop Hamlet’s character concerning his idea of salvation and sin in the play?
  30. In this modern time, do you think it would be chauvinistic to consider women deceptive or not?

Hamlet Essay Questions Examples

Here are some Hamlet essay questions for you to consider:

  1. Describe how the author displays the idea of madness in the play “Hamlet.”
  2. Describe the reasons behind the introduction of comedy in the tragic world of Hamlet.
  3. What do you think is the author’s stand on the idea of revenge according to the play?
  4. Is Polonius the “intruding fool” as described by Hamlet? Explain
  5. What do you think is the importance of Fortinbras in the play?
  6. What do you think are Shakespeare’s suggestions about kingship according to the play? Support your answers.
  7. How important do you think the concept of ceremonies is, and how does it influence life in Elsinore’s court?
  8. Describe Horatio’s role in the play.
  9. Do you think Shakespeare depicts Claudius as a sympathetic figure?
  10. What is the significance of placing the play in the Christian universe?

Hamlet Argumentative Essay Topics: The Most Advantageous Ideas

  1. How would you classify the play? As a tragedy, drama, or revenge? Why?
  2. How did the author use imagery to change the tone and mood of the play?
  3. What morals can one learn from the play?
  4. Analyze the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia.
  5. What role does the mother of Hamlet play? Is she a central character?
  6. How are women portrayed in the play?
  7. How do the characters treat women?
  8. Hamlet is painted as indecisive. Why?
  9. How is death portrayed in the play? How does it shape the outcome?
  10. Who, if anyone, is the hero? Is there a villain?

20 Good Topics for a Hamlet Essay

  1. The role of revenge in Hamlet
  2. The role of power and politics in Hamlet
  3. The role of women in Hamlet
  4. The symbolism of the ghost in Hamlet
  5. The theme of betrayal in Hamlet
  6. The significance of the play within a play in Hamlet
  7. The role of religion in Hamlet
  8. The theme of appearance vs. reality in Hamlet
  9. The concept of free will vs. fate in Hamlet
  10. The theme of mortality and death in Hamlet
  11. The significance of the soliloquies in Hamlet
  12. The theme of loyalty in Hamlet
  13. The role of the minor characters in Hamlet
  14. The theme of corruption in Hamlet
  15. The importance of language and rhetoric in Hamlet
  16. The role of the supernatural in Hamlet
  17. The theme of love in Hamlet
  18. The significance of the setting in Hamlet
  19. The theme of family in Hamlet
  20. The theme of madness in Hamlet

More Interesting Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. The concept of existentialism in Hamlet
  2. The impact of Hamlet’s procrastination on the plot and characters
  3. The portrayal of the father-son relationship in Hamlet
  4. The theme of revenge and its impact on Hamlet’s character
  5. The role of women in subverting patriarchal norms in Hamlet
  6. The significance of the graveyard scene in Hamlet
  7. The use of metaphors and symbolism in Hamlet
  8. The theme of corruption and decay in Hamlet
  9. The psychological exploration of Hamlet’s character
  10. The impact of religion on Hamlet’s character and the plot
  11. The role of friendship in Hamlet
  12. The impact of the play’s structure and narrative style on the plot and characters
  13. The theme of justice and its absence in Hamlet
  14. The theme of appearance versus reality and how it affects the plot
  15. The role of irony in Hamlet
  16. The theme of identity and self-discovery in Hamlet
  17. The portrayal of the monarchy and its flaws in Hamlet
  18. The theme of betrayal and its impact on the plot and characters
  19. The role of humor in Hamlet
  20. The use of foreshadowing and suspense in Hamlet

Hamlet Essay Ideas in Modern Society

  1. The relevance of Hamlet’s theme of mental health in modern society
  2. The impact of technology on the themes and motifs of Hamlet
  3. The role of social media in shaping modern interpretations of Hamlet
  4. The portrayal of gender and sexuality in modern adaptations of Hamlet
  5. The relevance of Hamlet’s themes of political corruption and power struggles in modern society
  6. The portrayal of multiculturalism and diversity in modern interpretations of Hamlet
  7. The portrayal of modern family dynamics in adaptations of Hamlet
  8. The role of social class and privilege in modern society as explored in Hamlet
  9. The portrayal of modern relationships in adaptations of Hamlet
  10. The role of education and knowledge in modern society as explored in Hamlet
  11. The relevance of Hamlet’s themes of justice and morality in modern society
  12. The portrayal of modern workplace dynamics in adaptations of Hamlet
  13. The portrayal of modern media and journalism in adaptations of Hamlet
  14. The role of mental health stigma and its impact on society as explored in Hamlet
  15. The portrayal of modern environmental issues and activism in adaptations of Hamlet
  16. The portrayal of modern police brutality and racism in adaptations of Hamlet
  17. The impact of globalization on the themes and motifs of Hamlet
  18. The relevance of Hamlet’s themes of love, relationships, and sexuality in modern society
  19. The portrayal of modern healthcare and medical practices in adaptations of Hamlet
  20. The role of mental health services and support in modern society as explored in Hamlet

Exquisite Hamlet Essay Ideas from Master Writers

Here are some examples of Hamlet essay ideas that you could incorporate in your paper:

  1. Love- does Hamlet love Ophelia.
  2. Revenge- what kind of role does revenge play in Hamlet?
  3. Imagery- describes the role of imagery in the play.
  4. Tragedy- in your opinion, does Shakespeare make the play tragic? Explain.
  5. Comedy- identify and describe some of the comic scenes in the play.

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