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Updated: May 9, 2023

When you are issued with a history essay paper to handle it is always advisable to consider not to diverge out of the topic, for instance, when working on history topics such as the American Revolution and Building of America. You should focus on all aspects discussing both political, social, and economic factors that affected American revolution and their impacts. This will create a comprehensive smooth flow of the assignment content.

All aspects of your order will depend on the topic that you choose, with an illustration that if you choose an inappropriate topic, then you will fumble in the whole task thus the quality of your work will be low.

Need a Trick on How to Select the Best History Essay Topic?

You will need to be more creative when coming up with the History essay topic. By making sure you follow all guidelines or instructions given by the professor for the assignment. For instance, when you are given a list of topics to choose from by instructor, you should make sure you choose a topic that you can deliver enough points to exhaust the assignment requirements. When you do so, you will be sure to deliver quality work for high-performance surety.

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A List of History Essay Topics You Can Use for Your Paper

To commence on your history essay assignment, here are the topics you may choose to meet your instructor specifications. To be sure for a quality history essay paper you are advised not to copy because there will be high chances of plagiarizing your assignment directly. Thus plagiarism is one of the factors that can degrade your performance. Below are some good topics:

  • Impacts of Martin Luther King Speech
  • The industrial revolution in England
  • The Holy Roman Empire
  • Monasteries and education during the middle ages
  • Creation and failure of WeimarRepublic
  • The rise of independent African Countries
  • The French revolution
  • The development of the people’s republic of China
  • The colonization of America
  • The industrial revolution in Europe
  • British colonization of India
  • The effects of the second world war
  • American foreign policy during the 21st century
  • Impacts and effects of the patronage leadership systems
  • Implications of slaves trade to the African Americans
  • How puritanism influenced American Culture
  • Impacts of Native Americans opposition to colonialism
  • The role played by female politicians in US political history
  • Feminist rights and their subsequent effects in America
  • Discuss Impacts of Catholic churches on European leadership
  • The Turkish capture of Constantinople
  • The Norman invasion of England
  • The invention of gunpowder: Roger Bacon’s Legacy
  • Joan of Arc and the siege of Orleans in France during the 15th century
  • Compare and contrast the significance of lighthouses in the Great Lakes maritime history in the US
  • Significance of the highway system in American culture
  • Implications of Jaffa Riots in the British mandate of Palestine in the year 1921
  • Influence of Buddhism alter on Chinese Empire
  • Compare and contrast modern America verses 18th century America
  • Compare and contrast the world of ancient Maya

20 History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Working-Class Living Conditions
  • The Role of Slavery in the Development of the American Economy
  • The Causes of World War I: Was Germany Responsible?
  • The Significance of the French Revolution in World History
  • The Successes and Failures of Reconstruction in the American South
  • The Influence of the Renaissance on European Culture and Society
  • The Significance of the Enlightenment on the Development of Western Thought
  • The Impact of the Cold War on Global Politics and Society
  • The Causes and Consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on American Society
  • The Origins and Legacy of Apartheid in South Africa
  • The Reasons Behind the Rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany
  • The Effectiveness of the Marshall Plan in Rebuilding Europe after World War II
  • The Role of Women in the American Revolution
  • The Impacts of Imperialism on African and Asian Countries
  • The Impact of the Russian Revolution on World History
  • The Effects of the Great Depression on the United States and the World
  • The Causes and Consequences of the Protestant Reformation
  • The Impact of the Scientific Revolution on Western Society and Culture
  • The Reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire

World History Essay Topics

  • The Impact of the Mongol Empire on World History
  • The Significance of Ancient Greece on Western Civilization
  • The Spread of Christianity and its Influence on World History
  • The Impact of Islam on the Middle East and Beyond
  • The Silk Road: Its Role in Connecting East and West
  • The Effects of European Exploration and Colonization on Native American Societies
  • The Causes and Consequences of the Black Death in Europe
  • The Origins and Spread of the Renaissance in Europe
  • The Rise and Fall of the Aztec and Inca Empires
  • The Impact of the Age of Exploration on Global Trade and Commerce
  • The Causes and Consequences of the French Revolution
  • The Role of Napoleon Bonaparte in European History
  • The Causes and Consequences of World War II
  • The Cold War: Its Origins and Consequences
  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Its Significance in World History
  • The Origins and Spread of Buddhism in Asia
  • The Influence of Confucianism on Chinese Culture and Society
  • The Impact of European Imperialism on Africa and Asia
  • The Emergence of Modern Japan: Its Rise to Power in the 20th Century
  • The Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

US History Essay Topics

  • The causes and consequences of the American Revolution
  • The role of women in the American Civil War
  • The impact of the Great Depression on American society
  • The reasons for and consequences of American involvement in World War I
  • The impact of the Cold War on American culture and politics
  • The civil rights movement and its impact on American society
  • The role of the United States in the Vietnam War
  • The evolution of American foreign policy since World War II
  • The impact of the Reagan presidency on American politics
  • The significance of the Watergate scandal in American political history
  • The changing role of the Supreme Court in American society
  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on American society
  • The role of the media in shaping American political discourse
  • The significance of the American West in shaping American identity
  • The changing nature of American immigration policy
  • The impact of the internet and social media on American politics
  • The impact of the civil rights movement on American music and popular culture
  • The significance of the American frontier in shaping American society
  • The role of religion in American political history
  • The changing nature of American capitalism over the past century

10 History Essay Topics for High School Students

  • How did the industrial revolution change the American way of life forever?
  • How do events in the United States affect the rest of the world?
  • Discuss the fight for freedom from slavery and its effects today.
  • Analyze the road to women’s rights.
  • Discuss the presence of women in politics and how it changed.
  • How has the United States attempted to preserve the Native American culture?
  • How does a change in the ruling political party affect society?
  • How did the Trump administration affect politics?
  • Is there a clear separation of church and state? Provide examples.
  • Discuss the United States’ powerful economy and compare it to other superpowers like China and Russia.

Here Is a Variety of History Essay Questions

Your professor can issue different topics. Below are samples of what you may encounter:

  • What motivated the Norman invasion of England?
  • What are the significances of highway culture in American culture?
  • What are the roles played by female politicians in US history?
  • What are the impacts of the Turkish capture of Constantinople?
  • What are the Implications of the Jaffa Riots in the British mandate of Palestine in the year 1921?
  • What are the negative effects of poor leadership in US political history?
  • What motivated the development of the Holy Roman Empire?
  • What are the impacts that Europe faced during the industrial revolution?
  • How does feminist fight or human rights?
  • What is the main difference between modern America and 18th century America?

History Essay Ideas to Assist You in Writing a Good Topic

It is always normal to find yourself in apposition of not being able to deliver your history essay paper because you may lack the idea of how to come up with a topic. When you have many ideas at hand it allows you to come up with a suitable creative topic:

  • Factors that shaped the modern American culture
  • The American constitution
  • War in Vietnam
  • Natives’ opposition to colonists
  • Ancient Egypt

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