History Research Paper Topics

Updated: June 20, 2023

170+ NEW History Research Paper Topics + Writing Tips

History is a significant subject in all academic levels that imparts knowledge about past events. It allows students to understand and appreciate specific processes occurring in the world to widen their perspective. Thus, history is a rich ground for developing comprehensive arguments and excellent research papers.

That is why professors assign students numerous assignments about history. You must incorporate supporting evidence in your paper using primary research sources to develop valid arguments. Writing history research papers need intense analysis to capture all the concepts and present them clearly and logically.

Though most learners think history is simple as it seems, it is quite an uphill task to compose a well-researched paper. Therefore, many students opt to look for professional assistance from competent historians.

We have compiled lists of interesting research paper topics about history to help you get the best ideas for your writing.

How to Select the Best History Research Paper Topics?

When it comes to crafting outstanding papers, one essential factor that stands out is topic selection. You have to pick a unique and interesting topic that you are familiar with and passionate about. Writing about a subject you know boosts your motivation, and it will impact how the readers will receive your paper. Though history assignments can be overwhelming with intense analysis, chronology, and factual data to memorize, you can simplify your writing process with the right strategy.

Identifying a relevant topic is paramount to your paper’s success. Therefore, the first step is to brainstorm previous works from other scholars to draw inspiration from various topics. List all the topics down and select a few that meet your research goals. Ensure you pick a subject that is neither too broad nor too narrow. A great topic needs to have enough research sources to help you develop your arguments with accurate facts.

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List of History Research Paper Topics: Top-30 Ideas

Check out exciting topic ideas to jumpstart your writing:

  1. An analysis of historical pragmatics
  2. Discuss why nationalism is a massive issue in modern society
  3. Causes and effect of the great depression
  4. Analyze the major advanced technology of the 20th century
  5. Discuss the most influential presidential speech in the 20th century
  6. Europe holocaust: Origin and implications of the crime
  7. Discuss the history of slavery in the 19th century
  8. Why did people migrate from Syria?
  9. An analysis of the second world war in the Soviet zone
  10. Discuss the life of German people after Hitler’s rule
  11. Rwanda Genocide: Causes, effects, and life after the crime
  12. Adolf Hitler: The rise and fall of power
  13. Reasons why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
  14. Did women play a role in ancient Britain
  15. How did men and women distribute responsibilities in medieval times
  16. Discuss the history of Palestine
  17. The significance of cathedrals in Rome
  18. The influence of the slave trade in the civil war
  19. Discuss why nationalism failed in Arab states
  20. An analysis of powerful Egyptian pharaohs
  21. Byzantine Empire: The rise and fall
  22. The origin of the Sumerians
  23. How did Gandhi influence world peace
  24. The impact of medieval conquests on forming the world map
  25. Discuss the greatest inventions in the 20th century
  26. An analysis of art in the 19th century
  27. Causes and effect of the French Revolution
  28. What caused the Vietnam War?
  29. The impact of slavery abortion on world trades
  30. The effects of communism on the world

Top 20 Topics for History Research Paper in 2023

  1. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global politics and society
  2. Analyzing the rise of populist movements and their effects on democratic institutions
  3. Examining the role of women in social and political movements throughout history
  4. Investigating the historical roots and consequences of systemic racism
  5. The impact of colonialism and decolonization on post-colonial societies
  6. Exploring the history and legacy of the civil rights movement in the 20th century
  7. Analyzing the causes and consequences of the Cold War
  8. The role of propaganda in shaping public opinion during times of conflict
  9. Investigating the history and impact of the feminist movement
  10. Examining the historical roots and implications of income inequality
  11. Analyzing the impact of globalization on national economies and cultures
  12. The history and evolution of human rights movements worldwide
  13. Investigating the origins and consequences of major revolutions throughout history
  14. Exploring the history and impact of technological advancements on society
  15. The role of religion in shaping historical events and societies
  16. Analyzing the history and consequences of major pandemics and epidemics
  17. Examining the causes and outcomes of major economic crises
  18. Investigating the history and impact of migration and diaspora communities
  19. Exploring the history and significance of major cultural movements and artistic styles
  20. The role of media and communication technologies in shaping historical events and public opinion

20 Interesting History Research Paper Topics

  1. How did the industrial revolution affect developing countries?
  2. The relationship between religion and politics in America
  3. Does religion influence voting in the USA?
  4. Discuss the legacy of Ronald Reagan
  5. The impact of social movements in the pre-historic era
  6. The relationship between the slave trade and economic growth in Europe
  7. The fight for independence for African countries
  8. The effects of the atomic weapon
  9. Pros and cons of globalization
  10. Reasons why China is an influential nation
  11. The influence of the white supremacists in modern America
  12. An analysis of Austria’s independence
  13. Discuss the 14th amendment
  14. Discuss the influential people who fought in the civil war
  15. The rise of the Mafia in Italy
  16. The evolution of civilization
  17. Discuss why wars are necessary to shape governance
  18. Does diplomacy solve social and political conflicts?
  19. The achievements of the American people after the revolution
  20. Does religion influence political ideologies?

20 Good History Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss different political ideologies in the USA
  2. The restoration of the England monarchy
  3. Discuss the civil war in China
  4. French revolution: Social injustices
  5. Discuss the feudal system
  6. Causes and effects of the great recession
  7. Why Germans resisted Hitler’s ideologies
  8. The crimes of the Gestapo
  9. Was slavery a significant cause for the civil war?
  10. Should monarchies be abolished in the 21st century
  11. The impact of Brexit on world trades
  12. Did women have rights in the 18th century
  13. Discuss the psychology behind the dictatorship
  14. The impact of Nagasaki and Hiroshima actions
  15. Discuss the Sumerian culture
  16. The role of culture in shaping historical events
  17. An analysis of military innovations in the pre-historic era
  18. Discuss the influential historians in the 20th century
  19. The history of violence in Jamaica
  20. Influence of the Mormons in West America
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20 History Research Paper Ideas (Subject-Specific)

Below are topic ideas of various history subjects:

  1. Discuss religion in ancient Europe
  2. The German warfare in Africa
  3. Evolution of art
  4. Discuss the Russian colonies
  5. The relationship between history and religion
  6. The rise of civil rights in America
  7. Evolution of technology
  8. Significant music genres in the 19th and 20th century
  9. An examination of renaissance literature
  10. The influence of drama in the medieval days
  11. Why was Suez Canal re-opened?
  12.  The significance of lighthouses in the medieval era
  13. Depiction of slavery through African-American authors
  14. Discuss the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement
  15. Analyze the significance of the Harlem renaissance
  16. Did Muslims participate in European politics
  17. The impact of revolutions on modern-day politics
  18. How industrialization changed social movements
  19. An examination of the Syrian conflict
  20. Discuss the major causes of social inequality

15 US History Research Paper Topics

  1. The significance of national parks and their creation
  2. Cause and effect of US civil war
  3. An analysis of slave treatment
  4. Discus the practices involved in Independence day
  5. An examination of the American revolution
  6. The approach of tax introduction in the USA
  7. Major reasons why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
  8. Analyze different terrorist attacks in the USA over the years
  9. Discuss the historical names behind cities
  10. The relationship between religion and colonial wars
  11. How slave labor influenced the economy
  12. Gender discrimination in the army
  13. The origin of the Mexican war
  14. Discuss the justification of imperialism in the 19th century
  15. Why did Europe colonize Native Americans

15 Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Causes and effects of the cold war
  2. Did United Nations play a role to end the cold war
  3. The rise of apartheid in South Africa
  4. Discuss powerful African empires
  5. The effects of oil discovery in Persia
  6. The impact of WW2 in Europe
  7. Discuss the rise of influential African authors
  8. Discuss the life of African-Americans after slavery abolishment
  9. The history of Native Americans
  10.  The impact of Vikings on Normandy
  11. An analysis of Poland in WW2
  12. The rise and fall of Yugoslavia
  13. Discuss historical events in Australia
  14. An analysis of totalitarian states in the 20th century
  15. Discuss the Spanish civil war

15 World History Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the significant battlers in Korea
  2. Cause and effects of Jaffa riots in Palestine
  3. The influence of Buddhism on the Chinese empire
  4. Discuss the hierarchy of the Hindu Gods
  5. The rise of Roman gladiators
  6. The impact of Rome’s child emperors
  7. The contribution of philosophers in shaping history
  8. Debunking the voting myths of Ancient Greece
  9. Pros and cons of Roman gladiatorial games
  10. Discuss the leadership of Alexander the Great
  11. The impact of interfaith marriages in the 20th century
  12. Why crime was rampant in the medieval times
  13. Discuss the impact of the Federalist era
  14. The rise of women writers in America
  15. Discuss the social segregations in the 19th and 20th century

15 European History Research Paper Topics

Below are captivating topics about history in Europe:

  1. Discuss the impact of French leaders
  2. Were there women soldiers in World War II?
  3. Discuss Hitler’s strategy in WWII
  4. Did the Soviet Union contribute to uniting European countries?
  5. The origin of liberalism in Europe
  6. Compare and contrast governing policies between America and Europe
  7. The beginning of African resistance during the colonial period
  8. Discuss Venetian history and its impact on modern Europe
  9. An analysis of Dutch colonization
  10. Why did the Berlin wall fall, and what were the implications?
  11. Discuss the impact of the industrial revolution
  12. Discuss the origin of Gothic architecture
  13. Historical occurrences that caused the EU establishment
  14. Discuss the impact of gender bias in the 19th century
  15. An examination of empiricism

Ancient History Research Paper Topics

  1. Antiquity and its special place in world culture.
  2. Polis world as a social basis of ancient culture.
  3. Greek and Roman versions of the policy: their similarities and differences.
  4. Education and upbringing of a highly developed personality. The upbringing of a citizen of the polis as a condition for the development of an anthropocentric culture.
  5. Leading features and values ​​of ancient culture.
  6. Ancient mythology and its features. God and man in ancient culture.
  7. The heyday of the ancient Greek culture of the classical period: art, literature, science.
  8. Features of the development of the culture of Ancient Rome: science, technology, art.
  9. What Friedrich Engels wrote about slavery as the economic basis of ancient culture.
  10. Apollonian and Dionysian principles in ancient culture: their unity and opposition.

MORE Writing Insights & Tips from Pro Authors

Having a precise plan when composing a history paper is paramount. You need to brainstorm and pick a relevant topic because it determines your paper’s direction and effectiveness. Comprehensive research is also critical since you have to get credible sources for developing your arguments. Also, make sure you have a detailed outline to guide you during the writing process.

It is imperative to have a roadmap to help you know what content to write in each section. Since academic papers have strict rules, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the formatting styles. Finally, you must polish your paper with proper grammar, correct sentence structures, and accurate citations to prevent plagiarism.

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