180 Best History Thesis Topics

Updated: June 12, 2023

If you are studying history, you know that selecting a thesis topic can be a challenging task. History thesis topics require a significant amount of research, analysis, and interpretation. With so many periods, regions, and themes to explore, it can be challenging to narrow down your options and choose a topic that is both engaging and feasible.

That’s why our team of experts have compiled a list of 140 best history thesis topics to help you get started.

Whether you are interested in exploring the social, cultural, economic, or political aspects of history, our list covers a wide range of topics that are sure to inspire you.

From the ancient civilizations to modern-day events, our history thesis topics cover a variety of time periods and regions. So, whether you’re interested in the Crusades, the French Revolution, or the Cold War, you’ll find a topic that suits your interests and skills. By selecting a compelling and feasible topic from our list, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a successful history thesis.

Tips on How to Select the Best History Thesis Topic?

The first thing to take into consideration when picking a topic for your thesis is undoubtedly your scope of interest. A great advantage is that you have an immense choice – a country, period, religion, event, person, idea, invention – you will surely find your cup of tea.

What is more, it is preferable to choose a broad topic to have enough information to include in your thesis. Also, it will be easier for you to find useful materials online or in the libraries.

Finally, it is a good idea to consult with your mentor. They know the underwater rocks of all topics as well as their students. Their fresh look at the situation can inspire you to pick an appropriate topic.

List of History Thesis Topics

  1. Theories of settling the American continent
  2. Native peoples of North America
  3. European colonization of North America after 1492
  4. Colonial Wars
  5. The relationship of the colonists with the Indians
  6. War with the French and Indians (Seven Years’ War)
  7. The War of Independence of the United States: the role of international factors
  8. Peace Treaty of 1783 between the United States and Great Britain
  9. Constitutional Convention of 1787
  10. The era of the Treaty of Ghent
  11. The end of Treaty of Ghent in the United States in 1824?
  12. Formation of a new two-party system. Whigs and Democrats.
  13. Kansas Civil War, 1854-1858
  14. Secession, formation of the Southern Confederate
  15. The balance of forces between the North and the South on the eve of the Civil War
  16. Economic boom and industrialization in the United States in the last quarter of the 19th century
  17. The weakening of presidential power in the United States at the end of the 19th century
  18. US Wild West in the era of industrialization
  19. Domestic political reforms by W. Taft and W. Wilson
  20. US involvement in World War I

20 History Thesis Topics

  1. British colonies in North America
  2. The specifics of the development of Virginia and other south colonies
  3. The specifics of the New England colonies and the “middle” colonies
  4. The development of the conflict of the American colonies with Great Britain
  5. Boston Tea Party
  6. The road to the Declaration of Independence
  7. The personality of George Washington, general characteristics of his presidency
  8. Hamilton’s activities as finance minister
  9. Formation of the first bipartisan system in the USA
  10. Andrew Jackson Presidency
  11. Texas annexation and war with Mexico, 1846-1848
  12. California gold rush
  13. Lincoln’s domestic politics
  14. The first stage of reconstruction of the South
  15. The policy of radical reconstruction of the South
  16. New waves of immigration to the USA at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
  17. The problem of monopolies in the United States at the end of the 19th century
  18. Labor movement in the USA
  19. Great Depression in the USA
  20. US involvement in World War II
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20 Art History Thesis Topics

  1. The development of Greek sculpture and painting
  2. Vasari’s ideas and approach to art
  3. Winckelmann and art criticism
  4. Vienna School of Art History
  5. The prominent figures of feminist art history
  6. The phenomena of Leonardo da Vinci
  7. The Golden Age of art
  8. Chinese Buddhist sculpture
  9. Japanese ink painting and calligraphy
  10. The development of cinematography in Europe
  11. The art-making tradition of Byzantine
  12. Features and artists of Baroque
  13. Features and artists of Rococo
  14. Features and artists of Classicism
  15. Features and artists of Realism
  16. Features and artists of Neoclassicism
  17. Features and artists of Impressionism
  18. Features and artists of Surrealism
  19. Features and artists of Materialism
  20. Features and artists of Romanticism

20 World History Thesis Topics

  1. Geopolitical consequences of the collapse of the USSR
  2. Development and decline of the Aztec civilization
  3. Development of the European states in the Middle Ages
  4. Feudalism in Medieval Europe
  5. The impact of the Black Death on Europe
  6. The Medieval church
  7. The goals and causes of the Crusades
  8. The historic role of the state
  9. Changes in the East in the Middle Ages
  10. The phenomena of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  11. Most prominent dynasties in Medieval China
  12. Causes and results of the Korean War
  13. The historical meaning of the rise of Islam and the Caliphates
  14. The scientific revolution in Early Modern Europe
  15. Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther
  16. The outcomes of the Thirty Years’ War for Europe
  17. Development of capitalism in 18 century
  18. The emergence of the Age of Enlightenment
  19. International relations of the Great Powers (1814-1919)
  20. The historical context of World War I

20 Thesis Topics For Ancient History

  1. The process of the Neolithic Revolution
  2. Bronze Age and new emerging civilizations
  3. The Iron Age in different parts of the world
  4. Emergence and significance of the Silk Road for ancient civilizations
  5. Formation of the first empires
  6. Characteristic of the ancient technology (of Egypt, China, Greece, etc. – your choice)
  7. Maritime activity in ancient times
  8. The development of the first city-states
  9. Ancient warfare in Mesopotamia
  10. The ancient Near East as the cradle of civilization
  11. Ancient civilizations in Mesoamerica in pre-Columbian times
  12. Late Antiquity in Europe
  13. The Nok culture
  14. Culture of ancient Rome
  15. Culture of Ancient Ethiopia
  16. Religion and philosophy in Ancient Egypt
  17. Religion and philosophy in Ancient Greece
  18. Religion and philosophy in ancient China
  19. Religion and philosophy in ancient India
  20. Religion and philosophy in ancient Iran
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20 American History Thesis Topics

  1. The impact of the American Revolution on the formation of the United States.
  2. Analyzing the causes and consequences of the Civil War in American history.
  3. Examining the influence of the women’s suffrage movement on gender equality in the United States.
  4. Investigating the role of the Civil Rights Movement in shaping racial equality and social justice.
  5. The significance of the Reconstruction Era in post-Civil War America.
  6. Analyzing the impact of the Great Depression on American society and the New Deal’s response.
  7. Investigating the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution on American society and economy.
  8. The influence of the Progressive Era on social and political reform in the United States.
  9. Examining the impact of World War II on American society, economy, and global influence.
  10. Analyzing the role of the Cold War in shaping U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs.
  11. Investigating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its impact on racial equality and desegregation.
  12. The significance of the American Westward Expansion in shaping the nation’s identity and territorial growth.
  13. Analyzing the impact of the Gilded Age on economic inequality and social stratification.
  14. Investigating the causes and consequences of the Salem Witch Trials in colonial America.
  15. The influence of the Harlem Renaissance on African American culture and artistic expression.
  16. Examining the impact of the Louisiana Purchase on U.S. territorial expansion and westward migration.
  17. Analyzing the causes and effects of the Prohibition Era on American society and organized crime.
  18. Investigating the role of Manifest Destiny in shaping U.S. territorial expansion and Native American displacement.
  19. The significance of the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the Civil Rights Movement.
  20. Analyzing the impact of the Vietnam War on American society, politics, and anti-war movements.

20 Interesting History Thesis Topics

  1. The role of propaganda during World War II and its impact on public opinion.
  2. Analyzing the cultural exchange between the Silk Road civilizations.
  3. Investigating the impact of the Renaissance on the European art world.
  4. The significance of the Industrial Revolution in shaping urbanization and societal changes.
  5. Examining the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on global economies and societies.
  6. Analyzing the role of women in ancient civilizations and their contributions to society.
  7. Investigating the causes and consequences of the French Revolution.
  8. The significance of the Maya civilization in pre-Columbian America.
  9. Analyzing the role of the printing press in the spread of knowledge during the Renaissance.
  10. Investigating the impact of the Black Death on European society and culture.
  11. The significance of the Spanish conquest of the Americas on indigenous civilizations.
  12. Analyzing the causes and effects of the American Civil Rights Movement.
  13. Investigating the impact of the Opium Wars on China’s relationship with the West.
  14. The significance of the Golden Age of Islam in scientific and cultural advancements.
  15. Analyzing the causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution.
  16. Investigating the impact of the Cold War on global politics and proxy conflicts.
  17. The role of the women’s suffrage movement in achieving gender equality.
  18. Analyzing the effects of European colonization on African societies and cultures.
  19. Investigating the role of religion in medieval Europe and its influence on daily life.
  20. The significance of the Berlin Wall in the context of the Cold War and its fall.

20 History Thesis Ideas

  1. Formation of institutions of government in the colonies of Great Britain
  2. American colonies as part of the British Empire
  3. Religious life in the British colonies
  4. The first stage of the American War of Independence
  5. Major battles of the Revolutionary War
  6. Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union
  7. Crises of the 1790s in the USA
  8. Activities of Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States
  9. The War of 1812
  10. US foreign policy in the era of classical democracy
  11. American culture of the era of classical democracy
  12. The economy of the North on the eve of the Civil War
  13. Buying Alaska
  14. Ulysses Grant’s failed presidency
  15. The political crisis of 1876, completion of the reconstruction of the South
  16. History of the US Populist Party
  17. The era of imperialism in the USA
  18. Achievements of Theodore Roosevelt as President
  19. Harry Truman and the beginning of the Cold War
  20. The economic crisis and the Watergate scandal
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20 Featured Thesis Topics About History

  1. The history of the Maghrib
  2. Interpretation in history
  3. The problem of history distortion
  4. The development of methodology in historiography
  5. The difference between Herodotus’ and Thucydides’ approaches to history
  6. The idea of cyclical history
  7. The originality of Ibn Khaldun’s ideas
  8. The Marxist perspective of history
  9. Potential shortcomings in the production of history
  10. Periods of military history and their features
  11. War and peace in history
  12. History of Protestantism
  13. History of Islam
  14. New social history movement
  15. Historical demography of the USA
  16. Labor history of the USA
  17. Ethnic history in Canada
  18. The emergence and development of women’s history
  19. Social history in Europe
  20. Political thought in the times of industrialization

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