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Updated: May 8, 2023

Essay titles hold so much weight and reveal more about a paper’s contents almost immediately after reading it. They are fundamental in academic writing, since readers use them to know what the essay entails. A title for an essay has the power to make your paper effective or break the value before submission to the intended audience. Picking the correct topic is essential if you want to achieve a successful paper.

Titling is a significant aspect of essay writing that helps you develop your paper positively within the essay’s parameters. It is imperative to select an intriguing title that will grab your audience to keep them interested throughout the entire essay.

This article aims to help you understand how to choose a suitable name for your assignment. We also have a compilation of captivating essay titles to jumpstart your writing.

How to Select a Good Title for an Essay

Essay writing is a progressive task that occurs in different phases. Most learners might think that the content is the only significant feature in academic work, but all sections play a vital role in making the essay exceptional.

Title selection might seem simple, but it entails intricate details that you must incorporate to attain perfection. Developing an impactful header is demanding and requires adequate time and meticulousness.

When you realize that picking topics goes beyond combining keywords, you are on the right track to using your creative skills. To select an impressive title, you must think creatively and find one that resonates perfectly with the content and target audience.

Let us take a closer look at the qualities that make your heading striking.


Titles should be attention-grabbing to make them more appealing to the audience. Bland titles usually chase the readers away.


Titles should capture the gist of your paper. It has to deliver whatever you are claiming is in the paper. Original essay titles will always impress the tutor.


Headlines should be in simple language that resonates clearly with the audience. Complicated phrases and complex words will not do justice to your work. Simplicity is crucial when it comes to titling.

Active Voice

It is advisable to use active voice when titling your paper instead of passive voice. Active voice is more powerful and communicates effectively.

Clear and Concise

Usually, essay titles are short and to the point. Lengthy headlines are tedious and confusing, and you will not meet the required writing standards. Moreover, the audience will not understand the message you want to pass across.


Nothing is more wrong than writing an irrelevant heading that does not align with the paper’s content. It would be best if you gave the audience an accurate picture of what is in the paper. Do not mislead your readers with a wrong title since it will affect the paper’s quality.

How to Come up With a Title for an Essay

Creating a compelling heading is a skill that not many students have; that is why they get poor grades.

But, let it not stress you because even renowned writers typically grapple with picking the perfect titles for their books. Therefore, with practice and proper guidelines, you can create better headings.

A compelling essay title has several striking features.

  • It must comprise a compelling hook that acts as an attention-grabber, making the audience want to read your essay instantly.
  • It must also contain proper topic keywords that capture the main subject in your paper. The readers should grasp the essay’s content through the title.
  • Finally, the title should also focus on keywords that reveal ‘where’ and ‘when’ the analysis took place. It allows the audience to know more about the research topic.

How to Make a Creative Title for an Essay

Creative titling usually develops from personal experiences or factual information. However, you have to steer away from ambiguous titles and common phrases. Since you are using your creativity, it is essential to reveal the paper’s content clearly. You can make your title a little witty but do not overdo it.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with a good heading:

Write the essay

One mistake that learners make is to generate the paper’s topic before writing the essay. It is essential to complete your paper and come back to reflect on a suitable title.

Use the thesis statement

You can derive your title from the thesis, since it often reveals the primary research purpose.

Consider the writing style

Academic papers frequently have a profound and formal tone. However, sometimes your tutor might assign a creative, humorous topic. Thus, you need to base your title on the essay’s tone and writing style.

Make it short

Lengthy headings are an eyesore; thus, ensure you make it short and straightforward.

Use proper keywords

It is imperative to have proper word choices in titles. For instance, technical essays should have clear technical terms relating to the research topic.

Research online

Carry out further research online and familiarize yourself with essay title examples to give you a hint on the paper’s expectations.

How to Come up With a Good Title for an Essay

Essay titling requires an in-depth outlook after you complete writing your paper. What do you aim to achieve? If your title answers on the 5Ws (What, When, Where, Who, Why) and H (How), you are on the right track.

It is all about summarizing the entire essay in a few simple words. Avoid using complicated jargon that will confuse the audience. Moreover, you must stay within the essay’s instructions to avoid choosing the wrong title.

Use focused keywords and do not generalize the words. You must inform the readers and persuade them with an original title. Otherwise, they will not be intrigued to read your paper.

Argumentative Essay Titles

Below are some engaging argumentative titles for your essay:

  1. Should university education be free for all students?
  2. Should the death penalty be banned globally?
  3. The impact of technology on human communication.
  4. Discuss the pros and cons of human cloning.
  5. An analysis of mobile phones on health.
  6. Should marijuana be legalized?
  7. Is assisted suicide unethical?
  8. An analysis of gun ownership in modern society.
  9. Should the government ban the use of GMOs?
  10. Ways to curb climate change.

Persuasive Essay Titles

The following are titles for a persuasive essay:

  1. Christianity is a fulfilling religion.
  2. Video games have a positive influence on learning.
  3. Pros and cons of hiring a workaholic.
  4. Should tattoos be a measure of an individual’s personality?
  5. An analysis of wealth and character.
  6. Long-term use of cell phones leads to health risks.
  7. Animal testing is an inhuman practice.
  8. Why does financial literacy need to be in the school curriculum?
  9. Pros and cons of homeschooling for young children.
  10. Social media influence and online privacy.

College Essay Titles

Check out captivating topic ideas for your essay:

  1. The impact of social media on online businesses today.
  2. Causes and effect of poverty in modern society.
  3. The influence of modern technology on communication.
  4. Impact of marijuana on academic performance.
  5. The role of the media in political governance.
  6. Discuss the impact of unbiased reporting in media.
  7. Ways to discern fake news on social media.
  8. An analysis of illegal immigration in the US.
  9. Causes and effect of global warming.
  10. Discuss social media and mental health awareness.

Catchy Essay Titles

Below are examples of attention-grabbing titles:

  1. How is virtualization enhancing special needs learning?
  2. Discuss the innovations of Elon Musk.
  3. Modern methods of instilling discipline in children.
  4. How to start a successful online business?
  5. How does social media influence teenagers?
  6. How to grow your business using online marketing?
  7. The future of human cloning.
  8. Using technology in solving modern problems.
  9. Should school uniforms be banned?
  10. Globalization: Impact on the economy.

Always remember that a lengthy essay title is a blunder that will affect your paper’s quality. Make it short, use suitable keywords, and be creative to evoke curiosity and interest among your readers.

If you are still struggling with titling your essay, contact us, and we will provide top-notch academic assistance.

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