How To Write a Descriptive Essay

Updated: June 14, 2023

Descriptive essays allow self-expression of one’s creativity without the need for hyper-intensive studying. They are probably among the simplest assignments students will have to tackle in their academic life.

Usually, students select a topic that best suits the assignment criteria and craft a paper capable of earning them high grades. Although there is freedom to choose a scope, it is fundamental that one logically organizes all their ideas. These are the descriptive essay examples and guidelines to follow in your assignments.

Here are descriptive essay tips to get you started:

  • Always begin by choosing a topic you can comfortably handle
  • Take note of all the senses applicable in describing the subject: feel, smell, taste, hearing
  • Create a comprehensive outline with all topics and subtopics
  • Take time to review your essay from the start before the final submission

Writing descriptive essays is less demanding in terms of their research, but require creativity for expression of ideas and give a vivid picture of the subject under consideration. Our company provides online solutions that will help and guide you in handling all assignments related to this subject.

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What Is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a paper written from scratch, describing a person, object, place, situation, emotion, experience or condition. The main premise of this essay is describing while appealing to the readers’ senses through the given topic. For example, recounting how the person looked, how an experience felt, how the food tasted, how it smelled, and many others. The secret to conveying quality essays lies in giving the reader crystal clear accounts, such that they can share an experience of what the author felt. Our company provides free revisions for all assignments whenever their final paper dissatisfies customers.

How To Start a Descriptive Essay

The first step in writing a descriptive essay entails gathering all important ideas. Deriving from “describe” in the descriptive essay definition, what a student needs to understand before initiating the write-up is that a descriptive essay requires descriptive words and phrases applicable for the assignment. To achieve this, the writer should seek to expand their topic and reveal all the finer details necessary for the description of the person or experience. For example, if you are preparing a descriptive essay about “a holiday experience,” it’s fundamental to consider all words applicable in a holiday setting.

Here are ideas to get you started:

  • Write down all ideas flowing in your mind regarding the topic.
  • Structure your ideas in a manner that makes sense
  • Begin with general details and get deeper afterward
  • Make sure all the ideas you include are coherent with the assignment instructions

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How To Write A Good Descriptive Essay

The rule of thumb in crafting an impeccable essay is getting all your ideas together and then building on them progressively. Initially, random ideas spring up in your mind, but not all will eventually be captured in the final paper.  Therefore, always consider having a rough draft where you scribble all your ideas in a rough sketch before transferring to the final paper.

Tips for Writing a Descriptive Essay

An assignment submitted for final grading should always bear original thoughts of the author and offer valid arguments backed with proper evidence and citations. Here are tips to guide you:

  • Always commence your paper with suspense to capture the reader’s attention
  • Refrain from obvious and redundant words, uphold creativity
  • Make your thesis comprehensive and sensible
  • Every paragraph should have a topic sentence

Ultimately, remember to organize your paragraphs logically and embrace smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Our writers are seasoned researchers who other than help you will offer tips for writing excellent papers for good grades.

How to Structure a Descriptive Essay

Just like all the other forms of writings such as research papers or annotated bibliography papers, descriptive essays also follow a format that ensures high-quality standards. Following an outline will help students write top-notch papers without being redundant or veering excessively from the topic scope.

How to End a Descriptive Essay

A conclusion is as essential as any other section of the assignment. A reader will either remember the details of your essay or forget immediately depending on the quality of your conclusion. End your essay with a take-home idea composed of the paper summary and personal recommendation.

Descriptive Essay Outline

An outline is a framework that guides a student on the components that should feature in the final paper. Essentially, the outline acts as a yardstick that tells you whether your write-up still follows the original ideas.

Here is a sample outline to follow in any descriptive essay:

    • Topic introduction
    • Comprehensive thesis statement
  • Body of the essay.
    • Elaborate topic sentences
    • Support thesis using evidence and proper citations
  • Conclusion paragraph
    • Reaffirm the thesis statement
    • Summarize your ideas
    • Give an appealing take-home point

Writing an effective outline could pose challenges for any student. Getting help from professionals will aid the learner in writing plagiarism free outlines to enhance the quality of their writings. Call us now!

Descriptive Essay Structure

There are myriads of assignments that a student is expected to differentiate from another. Just like all other essays have unique formatting and structure, a descriptive essay also has a definite structure comprising of introduction, body, and conclusion.

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Descriptive Essay Introduction

The introduction of a descriptive essay should be insightful and captivating to the reader. Ideally, this section sets the tone and the foundation for all the ideas you will discuss within the paper. Make sure it’s interesting and fluent.

Descriptive Essay Body

Under the body of an essay, the student should remember to confine to the thesis statement while expanding on their ideas. Essentially, this section constitutes the rest of your essay, after the introduction and a thesis statement. Therefore, include all main ideas and deductions here.

Descriptive Essay Conclusion

The last section of an essay is the conclusion and will determine the scores a student gets for the assignment. The parting shot should be clear and intriguing so that any reader can easily recall details of your essay.

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