How to Write a Killer Thesis

Updated: May 30, 2024

The thesis is a piece of research work written by students graduating from the master’s program. The goal of the thesis is to apply students’ knowledge and experience in the subject they have learned.

First of all, you must choose your topic, which depends on the subject you learned – theoretical or applied, it demonstrates the high level of your field of research.

Moreover, this step is fundamental to your work because it showcases the existing problems and finds solutions. You can analyze some researches from other scientists as an example. Secondly, you have to familiarize yourself with your audience and connect your writing to them.

Watering surely will spoil your work, so if you make the reader feel a vested interest and intrigue, your end goal is half-reached. So, there are two basic rules for best results; after that, you can start working on filling your thesis.

What is a Killer Thesis

It is a critically written paper about something you believe in coupled with evidence. It is not comprehensive but a clear, solid, and easy-to-find thoughtful research project.

Your supporting argument skills and communicating ideas should be adopted in the thesis and evaluated later in the final result (ready thesis). In this case, you need to learn a broad background reading about the subject to create the direction of questions.

A killer thesis must not have any defects to refute your shreds of evidence or make someone doubt.

How to Start a Killer Thesis

Have you done preparation? Yes? Greate. Now it is time to compose a plan of writing.

The logical order will make it more readable. Therefore steps must be easy to follow. If you experienced difficulties, these questions might help:

  • What are you trying to state or prove about your topic?
  • What are you trying to persuade the reader to believe?

When you have the main idea, it would be right to state something specific about the topic. Further, you can display your position and then give some reasons that support your main idea with facts and proof.

How to Structure a Killer Thesis

We recommend you to use this structure:

  1. Title page: your personal data (name, university, etc.), release date, your mentors, their data, and email addresses.
  2. Abstract: 1-2 paragraphs consist of 200-300 words and a short explanation of why your thesis is essential, without quotes. Usually, it writes last because it is a brief of your results. You may follow by this question to collect your thoughts:
  • What did you produce?
  • Which question were you trying to raise? Did you find the answers?
  • What methods did you use? Name a few and explain how.
  • What are you going to prove? Why does it matter?
  1. Introduction: usually longer than abstract. It is a task for you to actuate the viewer to read a thesis till the end; it is an indicative problem that you explored in the paper.
  2. Methods: the easiest part to write. Describe which method you chose and why. It is not only a presentation of your information and theory. This part allows the reader to check the probability of your results; actions, technical equipment, methodology… And so on. Quote are possible, but only in some ways, to explain full descriptions of manipulations, for example.
  3. Results: contain the facts of your research. You should make a point on the significance of key results. They must be pointed at the beginning of paragraphs. Usually, generalized comments about results are produced in the discussion, but sometimes can be combined with other sections.
  4. Discussion: comments on your results, explain what your results mean, provides explanations for unexpected results. Separate the section into logical somites by using subheads to make it shorter and exact for your sake because very long and wordy discussions can make the readers annoyed and lose their attention.
  5. Conclusions: vital section. It would be best if you emphasized that your research goals are achieved. Do not retell the previous parts.

How to End a Killer Thesis

The thesis is generally ending with recommendations (offer some decisions for the issue or directions of future explorations), references ( make a list and use the correct format for different forms of material), acknowledgments ( indicate persons who were helping you, no matter intellectually or financially), conclusions, of course, and appendices (difficult to approach data, tables (more than two pages), facilities used for testing or details of the complicated process).

Killer Thesis Introduction

You could write the best introduction if you know the content of your paper. It is a submission of your thesis. So, it will be great to comprise a hook – a statement of something that should draw your reader. The beautiful picture at the beginning always brings the readers up into sharp focus and moves them on to see more information. There are some kinds of the section in your introduction:

  • Reveal the scope of your work, what you will speak about and what will be omitted.
  • An oral roadmap is leading the readers to what lies onwards.

Exposition of the paper’s purpose: why the examination was completed and why the paper was written. Don’t repeat the abstract.

Killer Thesis Conclusion

In this part, you must go back to your posed issue to explain conclusions that you attained from executing this investigation. You are also allowed to sum up new supervisions, new interpretations, and as a result, new ideas to continue researching in the future.

How to Write a Killer Thesis Statement

It is a short answer to a question that you want to raise. This statement contains three conditional parts:

  • 1-2 sentences testing your ideas
  • organizing and developing your argument
  • argument guide for readers

You must ask yourself, what are you trying to say? Take a few minutes to write down things that you will prove to make sound good. Being specific is a good idea – if you made it debatable, the reader would be tense. There is no point in arguing something that everyone can agree with. Yes, it could be easy but also dull.


As we see, making your thesis killing is not so complicated. Although it can take time, the quality of your work will be higher and stronger, and in conclusion, exactly push you forward on the career ladder successfully.
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