How to Write a Process Essay

Updated: May 2, 2023

How to Write a Good Process Essay

Taking on writing a process essay, you must aim at handling it at the highest level. To cope with this challenge, you should be attentive, concise, and consistent. Specialists highlight a few essential points for students to consider. They are the right idea, structure, and coherence. Other aspects are less critical; however, they should be followed too.

What is a Process Essay

The type of paper is nothing but “how-to-do” guidelines on a particular subject. Your process essay is literally a recipe for something. It does not only imply recipes for delicious dishes. It also includes ways of tackling various issues, gaining success in something, achieving goals, etc.

The peculiarity of this piece is the massive scope of application. You can write about any topic, matter, issue, and so on. Often, professors do not limit their students’ free choice of an idea for their process paper. However, there may be both pros and cons of this feature. Why? Proceed with reading to get an extensive explanation of that!

How to Write a Process Essay Step by Step

Consistency is the most reasonable way to handle this type of paper. Even if you are not very good at writing or your first experience performing such tasks, following the guidelines step by step, you can write a stellar essay. Take into account every piece of advice and become a skilled writer in a blink!

Step 1 – Reflect on the Idea

A process paper is quite a particular type of paper, especially in terms of the choice of the topic. It implies that it is up to you what matters to describe. You can write about growing plants, recipes for your favorite dishes, or how to start doing business. It may be your hobby, unique ability, a personal guide, something you are good at, and you can share your skills and knowledge with others.

Step 2 – Plan out Thoroughly

If you plan out the entire process of writing the essay, you will face no difficulty with following the coherence and never forget about one or another aspect to mention. Write a list step by step indicating what actions you should describe. Then, reread it, correct some items or add others if necessary.

Step 3 – Think of a Thesis

A process essay is not nonsense, but a practical piece people can use in everyday life. You should convey this message from the first sentences. It is considered a statement or thesis. Its function is not only to persuade a person to read your essay but to reveal the main reason why you write it.

Step 4 – Check Body to Have a Proper Structure

The central part of the essay should include 3-5 paragraphs depending on the subject. For some simple recipes, even one or two sections will suffice, but for complex issues, five is the minimum. Never stretch out or narrow the text. Plan out everything in advance and check whether all the sentences and sections are coherent.

Step 5 – Make a Coherent Conclusion

The statement of the introduction should be the main idea of the conclusion. However, avoid self-plagiarism. It would be best if you rewrote the thesis, in other words conveying the same message. It will show that your paper is logical enough and has its aim. The conclusion is a short part of the essay. Two or three sentences will suffice.

Process Essay Outline

The outline is your plan, roadmap, and action plan you follow to write a stellar essay. Some professors consider it a prerequisite for success and acquiring an A+ grade. But students think differently. They find it a boondoggle. To be true, it is not a requirement. But it can simplify your writing process twice and more. If you make up an outline, be sure that you will not omit anything or miss the idea.

Process Essay Introduction

The introduction should include 2-3 sentences. The first one is introductory, a little bit of back-story. The second one is the thesis mentioned above. A statement is not a regular hook. It is a message you aim at conveying. A thesis should be a reflection of the uniqueness of your idea as well.

Process Essay Body

Being the most considerable part body has the function of revealing the main idea. It should consist of a few sections. A logical connection between paragraphs is critical. Follow an outline step by step not to omit anything. Don’t forget about coherence and persistence.

Process Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is a rewritten introduction with some concepts of a solution. Its thesis should be presented in other words but have the same idea. Introduction and conclusion should be coherent with each other.

How to Write a Process Essay Example

You can find a bulk of samples on the Internet. Below you will be able to read the example of a properly written process essay. It is an expert piece based on all the rules and professional guides.

Have you ever witnessed how your friend achieves goals and wished you could succeed too? It is not as tricky and sophisticated as you may consider. Following a few pieces of advice and taking some effort, you have all the chances to turn into the most successful person from a regular student.

No matter what field and goal, secrets of success are the same. It would help if you considered the following: ambitions, tenacity, perseverance, activeness, patience, consistency, curiosity, stamina, responsibility, skill in analyzing and time allocation, good education, and courtesy. Such a long list should never scare you. A person aimed at success is entirely fearless. What is more, this list includes only the essential ingredients.

First of all, forget about laziness and start acting. Stop wasting time surfing the social networks 24/7. If you still do that, let’s put that to good use. Always try to analyze everything you are taking on. Every occupation should be practical, helpful, and bear good fruits. Then, choose a priority field you are going to succeed in. If you are familiar with the problem directly, you will find ways to tackle it. Give up extracurricular activities that waste your free time but are not helpful for you. Why not walk in the park instead of doing the theater at college. If you are not going to become a Hollywood actor, this occupation does nothing but further you from long-cherished success.

When you know exactly what your goal is, you can embark on achieving it.

Although, some young people are used to considering a goal as one particular thing you should acquire. To reach your goal, you should accomplish many objectives that are critical to your overall success. You can not omit or miss any of them because each is a new brick in your foundation. That’s why a goal is a complex term and can not be equated with one thing (however, it may have associations with something).

Next, you should make a plan for your work. If you have no targets, it will be impossible to forget about nothing and achieve each objective one after another. Allocate your time, make a schedule, be organized and focused. However, do not miss saving some free time to devote to family and friends. You will undoubtedly succeed if you do all that with perseverance and consistency.

After a few days working on your goal, you will realize that it is not so complicated and unachievable. Success is much closer as we are used to thinking. After reaching one, you can embark on a new goal all over again!


Never follow stereotypes of the complexity of process essays. It would be better to follow the expert guideline and write a stellar paper with no challenges. If you are afraid that you lack ideas or skills, why not apply to professional essay writers? They can select a topic or even write a paper from the draft without finding urgent deadlines or complex fields a problem.

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