How to Write a School Essay

Updated: May 9, 2023

How to write a high school essay? Frankly, this question is bothering many students. Although the teachers try to do their best to deliver the theoretical material to the class when it comes to writing, everyone struggles. The reason is simple, this art demands lots of practice that students do not have time for.

As a result, high school essay writing turned into another service of the increased demand. The teams of professionals gather to work on the academic materials that learners just have no time for.

How to Write a Good School Essay?

Creating a high school essay is far from a simple task. It requires concentration, attention to detail, good knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and analytical skills. It is not enough to simply scribble down a couple of lines. They should be structured, well-thought, and meaningful.

The structure of any essay contains an introduction, main body, and conclusion or summary. These are not simply separate paragraphs but items with logical connections. The introduction in the text is meant to be the reader acquainted with the issue that will be discussed next.

The main body is supposed to present the arguments that support or reject the idea. Eventually, the conclusion should be drawn as a final thought on everything discussed in the paper.

15 Most Popular High School Essay Prompts

One of the assignment types every student comes across is high school essay prompts. Here is a collection of topics to practice on:

  • Football players and Olympic sports athletes receive immense financial rewards for their activity. Do you think that these professionals are entitled to such high bonuses? Explain your opinion.
  • It is a common belief that playing with a toy gun is a bad thing for children. What are your thoughts on this issue? Explain your opinion.
  • During the centuries, a lot of literary masterpieces have been written in various languages. Is there a book you believe that should be translated into every language and obligatory to read?
  • Video games are believed to be a curse of the modern century. They promote violence and crime. Some games are banned for underage users, but they can still be accessible via the Internet capabilities. Do you agree with this opinion? Explain why.
  • Guns are not hazardous if used by the right people. They serve as a tool of self-defense which is vital in the modern world. Gun laws are being discussed all over the world, and many countries tend to ban them. The United States supports the laws explaining it by the right of people for self-defense. Do you agree with this statement?
  • College/University is not a necessity anymore. People can get streetwise and be more successful than college graduates. What are your thoughts on this matter?
  • Due to the budget cuts, your school canceled the funding for annual excursions to the National History Museum. Address the dean with the persuasive essay to make one last trip for your class.
  • In 1996, in Scotland scientists cloned the sheep. Since that time, many arguments have been voiced pro and against cloning. People, especially religious ones, believe that cloning is illegal and sinful. The opponents state that this scientific advance can save humanity and prolong the life of people on Earth. Which opinion do you support?
  • The studies show that same-sex schools influence the performance of the students positively. Girls are performing better without being interrupted by boys. This statement is supported by the fact that more same-sex schools have been opened lately. What opinion do you support? Why?
  • Almost every person has a hobby. What is your hobby? How would you promote it for others to get involved?
  • A gap year after graduating from school has gained popularity among students. The opinions on the matter vary. The supporters claim that it is an emotional and physical relief much needed for a student. The opponents claim that it is a loss of time. What is your opinion? How can you support it?
  • Volunteering has become an obligatory activity for many schools. What do you think about the positive and negative effects of it?
  • Israel has a law that obliges everyone to go through the army service. Do you think it is a good practice?
  • Reality shows conquered the television. The shows quickly gained popularity and became inevitable for every entertainment channel. Are there any negative consequences of reality-TV content? Explain why.
  • Among the pressing ecological problems of our times is pollution. There is an opinion that developed countries should take responsibility and action to fight pollution since their economies benefit most. What is your opinion on that? Who should be in charge and whose fault is pollution?

High School Narrative Essay Tips

A high school narrative essay represents a story from your life. It should be delivered in a catchy way for the reader to be taken aback. Even the most basic story without any supernatural actions happening can be presented in a way that a reader will never forget if the narration is performed on a good level.

Stick to the purpose of impressing the reader and making him feel like he is in the story. It can be done by describing the vital moments in detail, meanwhile avoiding the unnecessary descriptions of the environment or characters that do not matter. To write a high school essay well, you need to pick a real case that you lived through and most importantly felt.

This type of assignment does not include citations, since it is based on your personal experiences. However, if you use some quotes to prove your opinion, or to show what inspired you, they should be properly cited. Without citing the sources of use, your paper is considered to be plagiarized.

Narrative Essay Dos and Don’ts

These are the core principles of a successful piece:

  • Avoid extra details.
  • Limit the number of characters in the scene.
  • Divide the text into logically structured paragraphs.
  • Make sure the story is personal and life-changing.
  • Let someone else read the text and provide feedback on it.
  • Never hand in the text without proofreading it.

High School Reflection Essay Tips

A high school reflection essay is a task that aims at assessing a student’s analytical and critical thinking. It is not a demanding task in terms of resource base and citations, but it is a challenging thinking one. A student is given a topic that needs to be discussed from a personal point of view. To write such an essay successfully, one should have clearly defined and strong opinions on the topic.

A useful tip is to create a map in your mind with all the ideas you have on the topic. Later on, the ideas should be structured and supported by arguments. Eventually, in the conclusion section, the final verdict is announced.

Reflective Essay Dos and Don’ts

These warnings and recommendations should be considered:

  • Avoid oversharing.
  • Do not show hesitation, but provide an opinion.
  • Keep a logical structure.
  • Stick to shorter sentences and paragraphs.
  • Do not forget to conclude the opinions and draw the line in the last paragraph.
  • Mind the language register (no slang or jargon words).

High School Graduation Essay Tips

When it comes to a high school graduation essay, everyone wants to do great. It is a nerve-racking task and should be approached responsibly. The main accent in this essay is placed on the meaning and emotional load. Even though this text is very similar to a speech, it still requires the regular structure with the introduction, main body, and conclusions.

A very sensitive subject is humor for such essays. If you feel that your skills of narration are not excellent, it is recommended to avoid jokes, since you cannot predict how the audience will react.

Graduation Essay Dos and Don’ts

Use this checklist to check if your piece is written well:

  • Sincere idea.
  • Use your narration skills.
  • Use a clear structure.
  • No negative points, thoughts, ideas in the text.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation.
  • Avoid descriptions, instead, use examples.

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